Foxing is the type of band that brings theatrical flair to introspective indie rock. Combining math rock style guitars and synth sequencers with orchestral instruments, the band has found a unique voice in the indie scene. Foxing this year has released their third album titled, Nearer My God with a run of shows. The album has been getting rave reviews due to its artful big sound. Take a listen below.

Foxing hits the stage with Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Power Slinky, Power Slinky Bass Strings and VPJr volume pedal

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Bad Wolves


Somewhere between technical metal and anthemic hard rock lives Bad Wolves. Charged with thought provoking lyrics and heavy riffs, there is something special about a hard hitting band that not only have their own songs but can also do an inspiring cover of The Cranberries “Zombie” that will have you banging your head. They released Disobey in 2018 and it’s definitely worth listening to.

Chris Cain of Bad Wolves uses Ernie Ball Custom Individual strings 11- 68, get your Custom Individual strings here.

Listen to Bad Wolves below and catch a show near you here.


Darkest Hour


After nine studio albums, Darkest Hour has stood the test of time paving the way for melodic, punk-driven metal music that has shaped the modern metal of today. Darkest Hour has gone from continual touring, dropping labels, and crowdfunding their album releases, to playing every metal festival you could possibly think ofIt’s clear that when lead singer, John Henry screams the lyrics in ‘Convalescence’ –  “Nothing ails me, nothing kills me”, that it’s a testament to the band’s hard work ethic. Their latest record was released in 2017 titled, Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora.

Darkest Hour play Ernie Ball Regular 7 StringSkinny Top Heavy Bottom, and 45- 130 custom bass string gauges.

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The Neighbourhood


From their smash hit, ‘Sweater Weather’ that went double platinum on their debut record, I Love You, to dropping a mixtape titled, #000000 & #FFFFFFF and then teaming up with hip hop veterans, DJ Drama, Don Cannon, French Montana, and YG. The Neighbourhood has continued to keep up their hype with their latest album, Wiped Out! and a new self titled record, The Neighbourhood. Hitting the road with The 1975 and Travis Scott speaks to the band’s ability to transcend genre and bring their unique blend of R&B/Rock to a diverse crowd. Check out the video featuring the true disaster artist Tommy Wiseau above.

The Neighbourhood play Classic Rock’n’Roll Power Slinky And Flatwound Bass Regular Strings

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My Bloody Valentine


When you think of bands ahead of their time, you often think of bands that have had their records become more influential over long periods of time. By sparking sub genres in small clubs and dive bars, My Bloody Valentine is the band for the modern indie, shoegaze scene. Led by Kevin Shields on guitar, My Bloody Valentine has had a unique take on noise in songwriting, different than their art rock counterparts leaving a translucent glimmering sheen, like a textured audible wave.

After 2 years of touring, member changes and label shifts, Shields and the band decided to build their own studio for their new album and have headlined major festivals like FYF Fest and Desert Daze.

My Bloody Valentine define noise in music with Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky and Skinny Top Heavy Bottom

Listen to My Bloody Valentine and add them to your playlist below.

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