The widely revered pop-punk group Good Charlotte released their 7th studio album titled, Generation Rx, on September 14th, through the Madden brothers’ label, MDNN. Good Charlotte’s raw and angsty style provided anthems for the youth throughout the 2000s, however with Generation Rx, the band has turned its attention to a variety of issues; Mental health, the opioid crisis, and abuse are all topics covered by the band throughout Generation Rx. 

Good Charlotte continues to approach the feelings and struggles of each other, their fans, and society with unafraid confidence and sincerity. The record is beautifully intentioned to address these real but sensitive topics through their music.

Good Charlotte will be touring the U.S. through November, before heading to Europe for a handful of shows in Berlin, London and more at the start of the New Year. Recently, the band performed at halftime on Monday Night Football, performing their lead single, “Prayers”. Catch their performance below.



Good Charlotte’s Gear

Good Charlotte uses Skinny Top Heavy Bottom guitar strings  and Bass 5 Slinky Super Long Scale strings.

Listen to Generation Rx Now

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