Have you had a chance to check out The Mutual Admiration Society, a new album featuring a host of Ernie Ball legends, including: Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Albert Lee, and Steve Morse, from Sterling Ball, John Ferraro and Jim Cox? The Mutual Admiration Society features 13 classic reimagined tracks including “Sugar Shack”, “Baby Please Don’t Go” featuring Steve Lukather, “The In Crowd” with Steve Morse and a one-of-a-kind Disney Medley performance featuring John Petrucci. Hear “The In Crowd” (featuring Steve Morse) below and get a copy of the album that hit #1 on the iTunes Blues charts here.


Morse has been a Ball family friend and signature artist for decades and previously collaborated with Sterling and the Biff Baby All-Stars for Sterling’s 30th birthday party. Steve wasn’t sure about the collaboration so Sterling told him they would have a rehearsal; their only rehearsal ever. They went to the Ernie Ball jam room and the rehearsal consisted of a 45-minute version of Radar Love; a song they had never played before and never played again, but Steve was fine and actually joined the band at that time.

Flash forward to the recording of The Mutual Admiration Society. The core group were in studio when Steve Morse heard a song and pretty much asked if he could participate. You don’t say “no” to Steve Morse if he wants to play on a record. Ultimately, Steve did more than play – throughout the process, he was there helping Sterling; either through praise or very honest critique. Sometimes it was very tough love, but it was delivered with love and kindness. He did so much work and was so appreciated that the team wanted to list him as a producer. He declined. He wanted the focus on the main collaborators.

Bonus Content

In this clip, Sterling sits down with Steve Vai to discuss their musical pasts, long-time friendship, and the road that led to the Mutual Admiration Society album coming to fruition. Learn more about The Mutual Admiration Society at http://www.mutualadmirationsocietymusic.com/

Track List

1. Payday Song
2. The In Crowd (feat: Steve Morse)
3. Checkin’ Up On my Baby
4. Baby Please Don’t Go (feat: Steve Lukather)
5. Treat Her Right
6. Sugar Shack (feat: Steve Vai)
7. Memphis A/K/A Memphis, Tennessee
8. Cryin’ Time (feat: Albert Lee)
9. I Want You Back
10. Disney Medley (feat: John Petrucci)
11. Hey Good Lookin’ (feat: Albert Lee)
12. Strip Mall Gourmet (feat: Jay Graydon)
13. Heartbroke

Order The Mutual Admiration Society album, out now!

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