Longstanding California rock band Strung Out announced their new studio album titled Songs of Armor and Devotion, which is set to release August 9Produced by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Megadeth), Songs of Armor and Devotion is a record that brims with the same ferocious fire the band had at the very start of its career close to 30 years ago. While maintaining their punk roots, the new record demonstrates how far its members have evolved as songwriters, musicians, and inherent citizens. Preorder the forthcoming album here and catch them on tour near you.

Track List

Leading the collection is the moody track “Daggers” which features frontman Jason Cruz telling a story of personal turmoil within the backdrop of an increasingly dystopian America. Listen to the track above and check out the album’s full track list below:

Rebels and Saints



Under The Western Sky


White Girls


Hammer Down

Disappearing City

Politics of Sleep

Diamonds and Gold

Strange Notes

Bloody Knuckles

Listent to


Bassist Chris Aiken relies on Ernie Ball Hybrid Bass Slinky’s.

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