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Ernie Ball has loved seeing all of the #iplayslinky ads this year – so much that we decided to feature some of our favorites from 2017. We were especially into the artists who rocked out in their ads, showed off their musical personality, and made a legacy statement. Check out the ones who made the list and if you haven’t already, create your own #iplayslinky ad on our website. Be sure to share the ad on Instagram by tagging @ernieball and using the hashtag #iplayslinky for a chance to be featured. 

Top 10 List:

Mike Johnson plays Regular Slinky Bass


Haley Curran plays Power Slinkys


Scott Wilson plays Slinky Cobalt


Basscal Lunkewitz plays Super Slinky Bass


Alex Higgins plays Not Even Slinky


Hazel Savage plays Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Strings


Edward B. Novak plays PARADIGM Not Even Slinkys


Pesti Victoria plays Regular Slinkys


Trevor Sunderman plays Earthwood Light Acoustic Strings


Dave Hollingworth plays Regular Slinky Bass

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