The Dangerous Summer has been reinvented in the past couple of years. After reuniting in 2017 with their self-titled album, The Dangerous Summer, the band has forged a new path for themselves after disbanding during unexpected circumstances.

They followed up in 2019 with another full-length album, Mother Nature. After restructuring the band and honing in their new sound, the year marks an entire decade since their first success: Reach for the Sun. Now, they are revisiting the album with maturity and experience as they have officially announced an anniversary tour dedicated to the album this fall.

I feel like it’s kind of full circle and it’s gonna be sick, I’m stoked about it being ten years and being able to revisit a lot of those deep cuts later this year.

Ben Cato, Substream Magazine

You can keep your eyes out for tickets and tour dates near you on the bands official webpage. Until then, check out the now ten-year-old video for a cut from the album, “Where I Want to Be,” up above.


The Dangerous Summer depends on Ernie Ball Power Slinky and Not Even Slinky strings for electric guitar, while on bass opting for Power Slinky Bass strings.

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