The Ernie Ball CradleTune is a new product that is being lauded by professional guitar techs, guitar enthusiasts, and artists that are hands-on in the maintenance and setup of their instrument. Up until the release of the CradleTune the best method of setting up your guitar involved either bulky set-up mats with a built in neck support, or clunky neck support blocks. The CradleTune provides an alternative that is lightweight, portable, and all while providing the extra utility of a built in tuner.

A Workbench in your Gig Bag

If you’ve ever been at home or at a gig and broken a string at the worst moment, chances are that you’ve either had to awkwardly restring by hand or attempted to lay your instrument down flat and work on it. Neither of these conditions are ideal for a good string change, but with the CradleTune you can do almost any level of maintenance on practically any surface. All it takes is laying your guitar down on a flat surface like a table or the floor (preferably with a towel under your guitar to protect its finish), deploy the CradleTune, and clip the headstock of your guitar or bass into the Cradle Tune and you’re ready to go.



Tune In, Turn Up

The other main benefit of the Cradle Tune is that it comes equipped with a modular Ernie Ball Flextune tuner that can be installed or detached from the CradleTune in a snap. Once you’re finished with a string change, intonation adjustment, or truss rod tweak you can quickly detach the bright 2″ LCD screen tuner to keep on your instrument’s headstock. The tuner’s dual point 360º swivel design and multi-instrument modes allow you to utilize the CradleTune whether you’re gigging with a ukulele, violin, bass, guitar, or need a chromatic tuner for any instrument.


In addition to the CradleTune other Ernie Ball products like the Power Peg Pro 2.0 and Musician’s Tool Kit give you the tools to keep your instrument in the best working condition possible. Because when your gear is at its best, it allows you to perform your best. Rock The CradleTune

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