New from Ernie Ball and EB Music Man sponsored artists Wage War have released a new video for their song “Witness” in support of their album Deadweight. Listen to it here:

Wage War are entering new territory and breaking new ground with their new album, citing deeper more personal lyrics, and refusing to shy away from speaking their mind on current events. Wage War’s brand of melodic metalcore also hits new lows of brutal heaviness and soaring highs of melodic hooks that capture the listener.

In an interview with the bands record label Fearless Records (the full interview can be found here on the company’s website) Singer and Guitarist Cody Quistad said of the songwriting for the new album Deadweight:

“This record is very much a snapshot of the past year; we are all very positive people but in 2016 we went through so much from seeing the world for the first time to scraping the bottom at some point emotionally or with relationships, we didn’t hold anything back when it came to this record, so hopefully it’s as therapeutic for listeners as it was for us.””

Wage War play Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky guitar strings and bassist Chris Gaylord plays an Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Bass strung up with custom gauges. Wage War will also be touring the rest of 2017 through the United States, Australia, and Canada, find the show nearest you on their website.

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