Ernie Ball is excited to introduce its brand new Flat Ribbon Patch Cables. The flat design and low-profile connectors allow for optimized pedalboard layout and cable routing, while multiple shielding materials preserve the signal with low handling noise and the durable PVC jacket exterior ensures long-lasting performance.

We’re going to breakdown everything you need to know about our Flat Ribbon Patch Cables and why you need them on your pedalboard ASAP.

Flat Ribbon Patch Cables

Let’s first take a minute to reflect on the evolution of pedalboard wiring. Upon their creation, many players made the switch from straight cables to right angle connectors. These right angle cables help save space while minimizing excess cable protruding from your pedal — typically around one inch. But the problem with right angle cables is that they’re still extremely robust and hard to maneuver, making rewiring your pedalboard every night a daunting task.  

Next came pancake cables, which allow you to position your pedals much closer together. Pancake cables give players the ability to put two pedals side by side while still leaving another half-inch to an inch of space. But say you have a standard 18-inch pedalboard with seven pedals on it — that’s still seven inches lost in cable connections alone. 

It’s also important to note the poor and long strain relief of both right angle and pancake cables. Even though these designs allow the connectors to be closer together, the cables tend to be so thick that they’re difficult to bend, not to mention the inability to conform to small spaces between pedals and the board. 

All of these common inconveniences helped bring forward the next iteration of pedalboard wiring: flat ribbon patch cables.  

Ernie Ball is excited to welcome Flat Ribbon Patch Cables to our world-class cable collection. These cables maintain the high-quality design and superior components Ernie Ball cables are known for, now in a flat and flexible design ideal for maximizing space on your pedalboard.

Small Connector

Our new Flat Ribbon Patch Cables (left) are one-quarter of an inch thick in comparison to a standard right angle patch cable (right).

When you get your hands on a pair of our new flat ribbon patch cables, you’ll immediately notice how much smaller the connector is. The connector is half the size of our pancake cables and only protrudes a quarter of an inch out of the plug. You can easily nest them next to or on top of one another.

Metal Housing

Our flat ribbon patch cables feature all-metal housing — making your conductor and audio signal completely shielded from tip to tip. On top of that, we included a built-in strain relief to the metal connector, making it stronger and more robust than other flat patch cables on the market.


Our head engineer describes the cables as “wet spaghetti noodles” — totally flexible. You can align them, stack them, bend them, and twist them without compromising the cables’ integrity. Whether you need to make a right turn on the pedal, maneuver around the pedal or underneath it, each little hole and crevice on the pedalboard can be utilized.

Variety of Sizes

Our flat ribbon patch cables are available in more sizes than any other flat patch cable offered on the market. Sizes range from an elusive 3” all the way to 24”. Additionally, our exclusive pedalboard multi-pack allows you the ability to wire your entire pedalboard without any soldering.

Have we convinced you how awesome these cables are yet? Find a store near you and try a pack for yourself.

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