Coming straight out of Memphis, The Band CAMINO is a pop-rock group that can bring hot guitar licks in unison with their catchy melodies. The members of the band studied Music at the University of Memphis, spending hours of extracurricular time rehearsing. That dedication is demonstrated in their production; this band is clean, and they are worth the listen.

We’re just some every day, regular, normal guys that like to play rock-pop music.

Spencer Stewart, Atwood Magazine

Their latest release is a double single, featuring the tracks “See Through” and “Daphne Blue.” The latter has received the elaborate and eye-catching music video, seen above.

The Band CAMINO count on Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings on electric guitar and use Super Slinky Flatwound Bass strings on the electric bass.

Check out their pop-rock hits down below.

Parquet Courts


Art-punk, as a genre, has seen an incredible revival in the past few years, and Parquet Courts has been near the forefront of the movement. Though the band has been steadily releasing critically acclaimed tunes since 2010, their name has skyrocketed onto festival headlines and even the Ellen Show with their latest release, Wide Awake! Its titular track struck a particular chord with audiences due to its culturally relevant subject matter.

There’s some anger on the record, political anger and cultural criticism, and then there’s also songs that are about love and kind of the catharsis that comes from joy and happiness.

Austin Brown, Billboard Magazine

Wide Awake! features incredible variety, from the funk-inspired title track to anthemic, classic sounding songs like “Tenderness.” Of course, it would not be a Parquet Courts album without their typical punk sound, as demonstrated on tracks like “Total Football” and “Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience.” The album has something for anyone looking for the latest in rock music.

Parquet Courts rip the gig with Ernie Ball Super Slinky, Regular Slinky, and Group II Flatwound Bass Slinky strings.

Check out the top tracks from Parquet Courts down below.

The Beaches


The all-girl alternative rock band, The Beaches, have also been on a steady climb since their award-winning 2018 debut album, Late Show. Their unmistakable guitar-rock sound is a one that is refreshing to hear, and the band knows it. Their image is empowered, tough, and (in their own words), no-nonsense.

Rock and Roll has for so long been an old white man’s genre – I think it’s ready for some new voices. It’s a really weird time right now to be a young person, I think there’s a lot of frustration and a lot of energy being emoted – things that for me epitomize what rock and roll is.

Jordan Miller, Rear View Mirror

That message is made blunt in the music video for their latest single, “Snake Tongue.” The imagery and lyrics all describe averting the male gaze with the edge we have come to expect from the rockers that are The Beaches.

The Beaches bring it with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, and Regular Slinky Bass strings.

Listen to the top tracks from The Beaches down below.

Rev Jones


After more than thirty years of touring and recording as one of the most creative bassists in the hard rock genre, Rev Jones has finally released his solo album, Bakwash. Though he’s played alongside the likes of fellow Ernie Ball artists Paul Gilbert, Steelheart, and FuelRev Jones unleashes his madness with blasting bass riffs on this album.

Whichever band he may share the stage with, Rev Jones will be the guy on stage who will give the audience an unforgettable visual and musical experience.

Sugarbuzz Magazine on Rev Jones

Rev Jones is known for his bass techniques — both orthodox and the contrary. His two-handed tapping is unmistakable, though, and there is plenty of it on the album’s title track, “Bakwash,” as seen in the official music video above.

Rev Jones expresses himself with Ernie Ball Hybrid Bass Slinky strings.



Vagrants, the post-hardcore band from Pensacola, champion the idea of perseverance. After their original singer and long-time friend announced that he would be spending time in jail, the band had to bounce back from hardship in order to keep the momentum from their debut single, “Window Panes.” This roadblock inspired their latest release, Separation.

Separation is the sound of a band refusing to give in and emerging victorious, and whilst its creators have had to let go of the past, in doing so, they’ve opened the door to a future bursting with promise.

Vagrants, Biography

The album conveys the raw emotions that come with the album’s namesake: separation. To take a listen to what that sounds like, check out their top tracks down below.

Vagrants dig in with Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings and chunk away at them with Everlast .73mm and .88mm picks.


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