Some of the world’s best guitarists have graced us with their talents and their presence over the years of filming our beloved content series, Ernie Ball: String Theory. Find out which ones made our list for Top “Guitar Gods”.

John Petrucci

If you open your mind up to the idea that music is a sharing experience it gives you a better mindset as far as creating and puts you in the right place.

John Petrucci plays RPS Regular Slinky electric guitar strings and the Ernie Ball 250K Mono Volume Pedal (for passive electronics).

John is also known for his Ernie Ball Music Man signature guitar collection. Make sure to check out the new 2020 John Petrucci collection including new Majestys, the JP Figured Top, and the JP15.

Kirk Hammett

It’s something that helps define myself to myself. It gives me a real sort of foundation as to what I feel–I believe–that I was put on this earth to do, which is to make music.

Kirk Hammett plays standard (D# tuning) with Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinkys with a .48 single for a custom set. Kirk also uses our Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium Light acoustic strings when writing music and in the studio.

Steve Vai

When I’m playing, and I’m in the moment of just sitting and playing, there’s a lot of freedom in my head, and melodies. I love when I just play and the first thing that comes to mind just comes out. It’s very liberating.

Steve Vai plays Ernie Ball’s Paradigm Super Slinky electric guitar strings when crafting his signature sound.

Paul Gilbert

As human beings, we’re visual creatures, and it’s so easy to play the guitar by looking at it. It’s a real challenge to go from that visual way of perceiving the guitar to getting back to that pure sound connecting to the instrument. The guitar is such a beautiful way to take what you hear in your head and make it real.

Paul Gilbert uses RPS Extra Slinky electric guitar strings to achieve is signature tone.

Steve Lukather

The guitar has been the greatest thing. Having the gift to hold [a guitar] and make a living doing this, and express myself as a human being through it… I don’t know what I’d do without this thing. That’s really the truth.

Steve Lukather plays Ernie Ball Paradigm Super Slinky electric guitar strings in the studio and out on the road.

Lukather is also known for his Ernie Ball Music Man signature guitar collection. Make sure to stay tuned for the all-new Luke 2020 signature instrument line coming out in August 2020.

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