The dynamic duo between Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth, Simple Creatures, has just released their second single of the summer, “Thanks, I Hate It.” The project is a relatively new one, releasing their first EP, Strange Love, just a few months ago. The duo, however, combines songwriting prowess of the two long-standing veterans in the pop-punk scene — also known for their work in blink-182 and All Time Low, respectively.

Simple Creatures, on the other hand, is a new direction for both Gaskarth and Hoppus, taking on a synth-pop sound they have dubbed with the title of “Trash-Pop.” This genre prefaced the release of the first single, “Special” — one that prophesied the coming of “Thanks, I Hate It” (as seen at the end of the video).


The music video for the first single was an Alex Gaskarth Production. Fans will surely recognize the sock puppets made in the likenesses of the two frontmen. The sock puppets were handmade by Gaskarth himself, as he previewed on Twitter. With the these two singles releasing within just half a year of the first Simple Creatures EP, their fanbases have caught fire. Without a doubt, Simple Creatures is the hottest name in “Trash-Pop” right now.


Mark Hoppus chooses Ernie Ball Extra Light Nickel Wound with Wound G strings. Alex Gaskarth sticks with Beefy Slinkys.

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