The Used is exploding into the new decade. December has come with two huge announcements: a new single, and a 2020 tour with fellow rockers Dragged Under.

These alt-rockers have capped off their 2019 with a new single, “Blow Me.” The track is heavy, and so is the music video, which you can check out below. Its ferocious sound is obvious from the first few seconds of the track; the hissing guitar riff is filled in with blistering drums off the bat. The instrumentation is soon catalyzed by the vocals in an adrenaline-inducing breakdown.


Of course, though, that is not all from The Used. They have also announced a special 2020 tour with fellow Ernie Ballers Dragged Under. If the Dragged Under name is new to you, be sure to check out our blog post on their first few singles. The project boasts names like Ryan “Fluff” Bruce (known often as Riffs, Beards & Gear on YouTube), Tony Cappocchi, and Josh Wildhorn. This collaboration is nothing short of legendary. Check out the below video for the single, “Hypochondria” from Dragged Under.

We are incredibly excited to announce we’ll be kicking off 2020 with a very special US tour for all the hardcore Used fans! These shows are in some of the smallest rooms we’ve played in over a decade and will be unlike any other Used show you’ve seen.

The Used on their 2020 NA Tour

If you want to know more about the upcoming tour, be sure to head over to the official websites of The Used and Dragged Under. That way, you can keep up to date with their latest news and look for tour dates near you.

Tour Dates


Dragged Under use a custom set of Ernie Ball .011-.060 individual strings.

The Used use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms.



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