All of life’s great questions can be answered with one simple acronym: FIDLAR. Their Southern California-sourced sound is the perfect blend between punk, surf rock, and garage. After a decade into their career, FIDLAR has released their third full-length album, Almost Free.

I guess the main thing is stop complaining about stuff and do something about it. That ties into the concept of the album as a whole. And the name Almost Free. Because being Free should be so simple and so easy. But none of us are really there. Especially in a place like America… We wanted to make an album that wasn’t just one sound in its entirety. We were listening to a lot of different genres. I think thats what’s tight about the music industry now. It’s all a mishmash of different genres.

Zac Carper, Atwood Magazine

Just like their name implies, FIDLAR is not afraid to take risks with their sound. On Almost Free, they are adventurous, but manage to keep their irresistible charm the whole way through. If you’re ready to mosh to the best of FIDLAR, head to their official website to nab some tickets.

FIDLAR rock out with Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms on guitar and 6-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Bass strings.

Against Me!

Keeping it in the vein of punk rock, up next we have the Gainesville-based rockers, Against Me! Since 1997, the band has been releasing critically acclaimed punk rock, including their two most recent albums — Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Shape Shift With Me — which highlight the endeavors of lead singer Laura Jane Grace.

I guess that was just the course of what happened — traveling around the world, falling in and out of love, dealing with heartbreak, thinking about how you relate to the world now. That was what I lived, so that ended up being the record. But I can look at each song and remember periods of time over the last couple years of touring that were really fun adventures.

Laura Jane Grace, Entertainment Weekly

Against Me! is currently out on tour rocking out venues on the East Coast. To check out their tour dates near you, head over to their official website to pick up tickets.

Against Me! plays Ernie Ball Power Slinkys, Regular Slinkys, and Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium Lights.


Now, let’s switch it up with our next feature, Kimbra. Based out of New Zealand, Kimbra is an indie pop and R&B singer that has been making music for the past 20 years. Experimenting with what is possible in pop music, Kimbra makes explosive, expectation-bending tunes.

I see myself striving for self-development. I’m always trying to push forward and advance as a person, reading books and trying to understand myself better… That’s the micro-answer: struggling, as individuals, with our desire to be free while also chained to some kind of constant cycle of being flawed as a human.

Kimbra, Interview Magazine

On her latest album, Primal Heart, Kimbra spends 44 minutes delving into each facet of pop music in a unique way. Plus, don’t forget she went multi-platinum on “Somebody That I Used To Know.” If you want to see her live, head over to her official website.

Kimbra gets her sound with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys.

Skating Polly

Skating Polly is up next — the grunge rockers from Oklahoma City. Made up of the Mayo siblings and Peyton Bighorse on guitar, this trio is potent. Their sound hearkens back to the Riot grrrl sound of the ’90s, all while innovating in the modern era.

I think that no matter where we were, probably, we would have started a band. It wasn’t entirely like the local scene — at first — was that influential. We just liked music so much. 

Kelli Mayo, Alibi

Skating Polly certainly will not disappoint. Their latest release, “Beautiful Stranger” is a single that follows up their last album, The Make It All Show. Beautifully growling vocals and guitars to match make this track a winner. If you would like to see them perform these tracks live, head to their official website for more information.

Skating Polly uses Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms and Super Slinky Bass on the low end.


The mellowed-out indie rockers, Sunbathe, have their sound dialed. From their Goldilocks “just right” overdriven guitar tone to the ethereal voice of lead singer Maggie Morris, Sunbathe has got a magic touch.

The sounds of Sunbathe have a lot of variation in their midst; from dreamy pop to garage rock, from ethereally dark jams to doo-wop inspired tunes. However, continuity shines through Maggie Morris’ lyrical honesty and a raw performance style. She can command the stage with soaring vocals while maintaining a vulnerability that will captivate you.

Sunbathe Bio, Golden Brown

The dream-pop sound of Sunbathe is one to look out for. Their latest reverb-drenched single, “Somewhere In Between,” is their second of 2020 alongside “Jonathan.” Both are great tunes, and you can keep an eye out for their latest on their official site.

Sunbathe nails their sound with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys.

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