The band that blends and bends genres into an ethereal amalgam — Starbenders — celebrated Valentine’s Day with the release of their second full-length studio album: Love Potions.

Starbenders lie at the hidden crossroads between pop, rock ‘n’ roll, and punk. Right in the center is a glimmering treasure chest that holds its fantastic sound. The group is full of glam; their presence combined with their look is nothing short of iconic.

There comes a time when dreams turn into reality. We have to be careful what we wish for, as anything goes in the land of our creation. The friction of this existence is my deepest source of inspiration. The making of Love Potions pushed us beyond the walls of our perceived limitations. This record is a living diary of a band that exists between two worlds. Please be warned that upon listening, you will become a part of a ritual that is in motion. You will be a part of our story. If you’re with us, you must be kind, you must be brave and above all, you must be free.

Kimi Shelter on Love Potions

Love Potions is no small feat, either. The album spans 14 tracks and 49 minutes of boundary-pushing tunes. If you love the classics, but you are looking for something with a modern flair, Starbenders have concocted the perfect album for you. Take a listen down below.

Or, if the album is not enough to satisfy your Starbenders bender, head over to their official website and nab some tickets before they run out.


Starbenders rock out with Ernie Ball Ultra Slinkys, Hybrid Slinkys, and Super Slinky Bass on the low end.

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