The Los Angeles-based indie pop group, Lovelytheband, have burst onto the scene since their formation in 2016 — which, interestingly enough, was also the beginning of their friendship. Within that short amount of time, and with the help of their ear-worm hit, “broken,” the band has already charted their territory on the Billboard Top 10 chart.

I really believe the importance of songwriting is saying something when someone else doesn’t know how to. In the songs, I’m talking about life, trials, tribulations, depression,
anxiety, and shit I deal with, as well as the headaches that come along with the good and bad days. My problems don’t define me, but we should embrace every side of who we are.

Mitchy Collins, Lovelytheband Official Bio

The band has recently released a music video for their track “maybe, i’m afraid,” which you can check out above. If you want to see Lovelytheband live, be sure to consult their official website for tour dates.

Lovelytheband create their tunes using Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys.

Listen to top tracks from Lovelytheband down below.



The folk-punk musicians AJJ have been making tunes out of Phoenix, Arizona since 2004. The band is best known for their incredible wit in their lyricism, addressing issues that span the gamut of philosophy, politics, anxiety, and humanity.

We’ve started recording for it, but we have a lot of work to do before I say can even say too much about it. I will say that momentum is starting to build, as far as the writing is concerned. Songs haven’t been coming for the past couple of years — at least, not easily. And now they’re starting to again, which is great.

Sean Bonnette, The Young Folks

As of this year, the band has alluded towards a new studio album being in the works. To keep up with the band and the new album, or look for tour dates near you, check out the AJJ official website.

AJJ dig in deep with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys on electric guitar and Earthwood Medium Light Phosphor Bronze on acoustic. For bass, they choose Regular Slinky bass strings.

Think about life and enjoy some folk-punk jamming with AJJ down below.

Summer Salt


Summer Salt is coming out of Texas with reverb-soaked, coastal tunes that will make you wish you were sitting on a beach towel reaching for a cool glass. Their distinct indie-rock sound is defined by mellow guitars, soothing drums, and easy-going melodies.

I think with a larger sum of songs we’ve tried to embrace all of our styles. We know what we all bring to the table. Some of them are jammers, some are a little folky, some of them are like bossa nova grooves.

Matt Terry, MELTED

Fittingly, the band released a summer EP called Honeyweed. The six-track release sticks true to their laid-back musical inclinations. To see them live, keep up with their tour dates on their official website.

Summer Salt get washed out with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and Power Slinkys.

Drift ashore with Summer Salt‘s top tracks below.

Planet Smashers


Great ska comes from all over. The Planet Smashers are holding down the ska scene for Montreal in 2019. They describe their sound as “pure unadulterated party ska awesomeness served up hot with a large order of radical sauce on the side just for good measure,” and that is a pretty concise description of their classic sound.

Who will dare to play their own instruments while blasting out ska hooks so catchy you wish you could scoop them up and eat them like ice-cream? You’re goddamned right it’s The Planet Smashers.

The Planet Smashers Official Bio

Brass sections, upstrokes, and irresistible choruses — all of these qualities define the sound of The Planet Smashers that they have kept up since their formation in 1994. Their 2019 release, Too Much Information, is accompanied by a tour, and you can check it out on their website.

The Planet Smashers groove with Ernie Ball Power Slinkys on guitar. They go for Power Slinky and Super Slinky strings on bass.

Jam out with The Planet Smashers below.

Son Volt


Rising from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo’s disbanding, Son Volt started as a project between members Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn after meeting Dave Boquist. The band has remained influential in the alternative country genre. Since their formation 25 years ago, Son Volt has consistently been releasing albums since 2013. Their 2019 release, Union, will mark their 10th album.

On Son Volt’s new record, Union, present and past mingle into strong confluence. The thirteen new songs written by founder Jay Farrar confront our turbulent politics and articulate the clarity and comfort music can offer in the tumult. ‘There are so many forces driving our country apart,’ observes Farrar. ‘What can we do to bring our society back together?’

Son Volt Official Bio

Of course, the band has been touring steadily for the Union album. If you want to catch these twanging tunes live, head to their official website for tour dates.

Son Volt stick to their roots with Ernie Ball Classic Rock n Roll Pure Nickel Super Slinkys, but when they try something new, they use Primo Slinkys.

Hit the road with Son Volt‘s top tracks below.

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