A few months ago, we introduced the new Axis Capo to our world-renowned accessories line and asked some of our Ernie Ball family to test it out. We received some great feedback, and some hilarious responses as well…

Known for tuning low (like, Mammoth Slinky low) our friend Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce was a little out of his element with a capo in hand. Let’s just say he was able to show us how versatile the capo can be. Check out the hilarious video below!

For more on how to use a capo on an electric guitar, check out Dylan Mattheisen of Tiny Moving Parts demoing the capo on his playthrough of “Medicine.”


Can’t get enough of Ryan? Check out his string gauge buying guide, where he takes into account a number of different factors, including scale length (Fender Scale [25.5″] or Gibson Scale [24.75″]), tuning, playing style, and more.

About the Axis Capo


The Ernie Ball Axis Capo’s ergonomic features allow for fast and accurate single-handed key changes. A dual-radius design conforms to flat or curved fretboards, ensuring buzz-free operation on 6 or 7 string electric and acoustic guitars. Available in four finishes: black, silver, bronze, and gold. Find yours here.

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