The Score


Good luck getting the catchy refrains from the American pop duo The Score out of your head. Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover have such a knack for writing ear-worm riffs that the band gained traction when they were featured in a commercial for a British supermarket chain.

Yeah, and I think that happens a lot, because artists need to go through that critical development time. People don’t realize – like, a lot of artists are marketed in a way like they came out of nowhere; like they just picked up a guitar and started writing hit songs, and that’s not how it works at all. For most people – maybe not everyone – but for most people, there’s a long period of artist development, of grinding the pavement and really figuring out who they are and honing their craft.

Edan Dover, Atwood Magazine

Beyond their (literal) commercial success, the band has quite a few hits under their belt. Their 2017 release, Atlas, holds anthemic tracks like “Legend,” “Unstoppable,” and “Revolution.” If you want to catch The Score experience live, check out their official website for tour dates.

The Score are busting out hits with Ernie Ball Power Slinkys and Regular Slinkys.

Check out The Score‘s top tracks below.



Formed in 2002, Mutemath has experienced many iterations throughout the past 17 years. The group is the brainchild of Paul Meany — who was there for the band’s genesis and is carrying the torch today. Though the members have rotated, the band has been able to crank out critically acclaimed works. Varying from alt-rock to synth pop, Mutemath has a diverse range of sounds in their lineup. After their longtime drummer dropped the band, their most recent release, Play Dead, almost didn’t happen.

We all felt the burn of getting older and everything shifting. Those themes came to the forefront: What does an ending mean? What does mortality mean? In the religious sense of it, the poetic sense of it. That’s really what Play Dead ended up becoming about: looking at it from 10 different angles.

Paul Meany, The Rolling Stone

Currently, Meany is forging on with Mutemath as a musical project — one that is not bound by its member lineup. Continuing on with music and collaborating with acts like Twenty One Pilots, Mutemath is a one-man army.

Mutemath keep on rockin’ with Ernie Ball Power and Regular Classic Rock N Roll Pure Nickel Strings.

Listen to the top tracks from Mutemath below.

All Dogs


The Ohio-based pop-punkers, All Dogs, are somewhat of an underground supergroup. With members coming from other projects such as Swearin’, Delay, and Ernie Ball band Slaughter Beach, Dog, the lineup for All Dogs is stacked with veterans of the genre. Their debut album, titled Kicking Every Day, features 36 minutes of their self-described sound: “loud pop.”

So I guess you could say my lyrical inspiration is pretty much just myself. Ha! A lot of the songs on the new record are about dealing with trauma and mental issues. Those have been a big theme for me lately because it’s therapeutic for me to talk about them.

Maryn Jones on Kicking Every Day

The album certainly comes from an intimate place, but the tracks are only enhanced from their personal lyrics and heartfelt melodies. The juxtaposition with their upbeat tempo and carefree chord progressions make for a great listen.

All Dogs jam out with Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky strings on guitar and Super Slinky bass strings on bass.

Move your feet with All Dogs‘ top tracks down below.

Parkway Drive


Hailing from Australia, the hardcore quartet of Parkway Drive are a group of dedicated musicians. With their first release coming out in 2004 and steadily releasing albums every two years since 2010, they may be one of the most consistent metal bands in the business. Their most recent release, Reverence, caught like fire, with its tracks topping out their personal charts.

When we were younger, the goal was to write music for your mates and mosh, very simple. As you grow, you tune out of the joy and interest you got from adrenaline. Our music becomes very personal and the concept shifts for us.

Winston McCall, on Reverence

With over 15 years of experience in the metal scene, it isn’t necessarily surprising that Parkway Drive have sought a more mature sound for themselves. The end product, though, is a joy for fans to listen to. While the tracks are equally hardcore and head-bangable, they come with tact and eloquence that can only develop with several albums under your belt.

Parkway Drive gets down with Ernie Ball 7-String Power Slinkys on guitar and Regular Slinky 5-String bass strings on bass.

Experience what metal can be with Parkway Drive‘s top tracks below.

Queen of Jeans


Queen of Jeans are an indie rocking four-piece that treat cute pop tunes with a sense of sarcasm. Their entire band is named after an out-of-business denim store in South Philadelphia because of its hilariously misogynistic billboard, according to CLRVYNT. They’re one of a few indie bands with an origin story as endearing as their music.

We started playing together. It became more about having a new band. I think, initially, I was really just thinking, ‘I want to play on my own, like a backing band that plays with me whenever I play live.’ It turned into something more because we all really had a connection. Then we had to find a drummer, and that took six months of serial dating. Then we met [drummer] Patrick [Wall] through Craigslist. At that point, we had our whole EP done.

Miriam Devora, CLRVYNT

Their latest album, If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid, feels like if garage-rock decided to clean up its act. It has the same grit in the songwriting and melodies, but the production and tones are clean — everything has a nice polish across the board. To catch Queen of Jeans out in the world, check out their official website for tour dates near you.

Queen of Jeans create their sound with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys.

Have fun with the top tracks from Queen of Jeans below.

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