We’re excited to officially announce the release of our new podcast — Striking A Chord with host, Evan Ball. Evan will be speaking with some of music’s most influential artists and trailblazers who continue to shape the music industry. We’ll be delivering insights, stories, inspiration, and hopefully exposing you to some new artists along the way.

In our first episode, we spoke with bassist Justin Chancellor of Tool. The four-piece just released their first album in 13 years, Fear Inoculum, and are finally offering their music on streaming platforms for the first time. Evan talks to the London native about the songwriting process, recording, and how he initially turned down the offer to join Tool.

Meet the Host

Growing up in the Ball family, Evan has lived amongst guitar strings and musicians his entire life. From bending thumb picks as a teenager to working Warped Tour, domestic sales, and now podcasting, Evan has worked for the company in many capacities. He started learning guitar from his grandfather when he was 11 years old. Since then he’s enjoyed writing, recording, and performing in numerous bands. Today, he lives the good life with a wife, two kids, a minivan, and a golden retriever, Fritz (who sometimes struggles to catch). With an appreciation for artists of various stripes and an affinity for podcasts, Evan is excited to launch Striking A Chord.

Listen to Striking A Chord

Striking A Chord is available on all major streaming platforms. Find your preferred platform here or listen below.



Tool achieves their unparalleled sound with a diverse range of strings. They use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom ParadigmBeefy Paradigm, and Not Even Slinky Paradigm strings on their six string guitars. On their seven strings, they use Regular Paradigm 7 Strings and Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Paradigm 7 Strings. On bass, the band chooses Hybrid Slinky Bass strings.

Listen to Fear Inoculum


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  1. I absolutely loved the interview with Justin. I am totally waiting for more podcasts from EB! String Theory, Interviews, Music man reviews, etc. would make great content in my opinion. The little things exposed about music notes, different strings with their own stories, in and outs of construction of Music Man guitars and the story behind them. Killer interviews with unexpected artists who use Ernies and about their music styles. So much content could be used for more killer Podcasts. I am a fan and dammit if I didn’t post this in the right spot pass it along would you? Can’t wait for more! APE

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