We’re well known for making a wide variety of high-quality items, from guitar and bass strings to pedals, straps and more. What you may not know is that we make quite a bit more items that can come in handy for guitar and bass players.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of the top ten items we make that you probably didn’t know we sell:

#1: Banjo / Mandolin Strings

Though many musicians don’t even realize it, mandolins and banjos use different strings than standard guitars do. We offer custom sets and single strings for mandolin and banjo (both Frailing and bluegrass loop end), in both 80/20 Bronze and Stainless Steel.

#2: Books

Ernie Ball offers a total of six books in two different categories: three books on guitar instruction, and three books filled with writing paper for music in various formats.

Our instruction books are very straightforward and provide helpful tips for those who are just picking up a guitar for the first time, as well as those who are at more of an intermediate level and are looking to expand their bag of tricks.

Available in Staff, Neck and Tab varieties, our books of writing paper are invaluable when it comes to charting out music as you’re writing it, as well as for transcribing a piece by ear.

#3: Drinking Glasses and Drink Coasters

No kitchen or bar is complete without two things: a set of Ernie Ball Vintage Logo pint glasses, and a complementary set of Ernie Ball Slinky coasters. Make sure guests in your home or office know that you’re a guitar player with the highest of taste, all while giving your space some much needed pops of color with coasters in Regular Slinky green, Super Slinky pink, Extra Slinky blue, Hybrid Slinky orange, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky Red and Power Slinky purple.

#4: Amp Casters

Guitar and bass amplifiers are heavy. It’s just a fact of life. Do your back a favor and save yourself from constantly having to lift and carry your amp wherever you need it to go, and install a set of casters to the bottom. Complete with swivel mounts and Ruberex wheels, you’ll be gliding your amp around the stage with ease in no time.

#5: Guitar Slides

They may have worked okay in a pinch, but those beer bottles and lighters just aren’t making the cut anymore. Ernie Ball guitar slides, available in ring-style in either chrome plated brass or borosilicate glass, and in bar-style in chrome buffed steel, will get you and your guitar singing the blues like an old pro.

#6: Finger Pickeys

For a number of different reasons, not all of us are able to grow out the fingernails of our picking hands. That’s where Ernie Ball Finger Pickeys come to the rescue. Made from Silver Nickel, Zinc, and Copper alloys, these extra lightweight finger picks feature pointed tips and the perfect contour to get your bluegrass banjo, Hawaiian guitar, lap steel, autoharp or Dobro sound dialed in.

* To complement your Finger Pickeys, we also offer thumb picks in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Each one is individually formed by hand!

#7: Wonder Wipes

Instrument care is typically one of the most overlooked aspects of guitar and bass playing. If your instrument becomes neglected, it doesn’t look or sound as good as it would otherwise. Our convenient Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes, individually sealed and pre-soaked in either string cleaner, fretboard conditioner or instrument polish solutions, make quick work of any dust or buildup that tends to accumulate on your instrument and its strings.

#8: Strap Locks

We’ve all been there: rocking in the moment, feeling the groove, when all of a sudden your guitar or bass slips right off your shoulder, out of your hands and onto the ground. Besides just being an embarrassing occurrence, we’ve seen plenty of headstocks and necks broken off due to this phenomenon. Ernie Ball Super Locks provide a complete 360-degree secure connection, with robust mechanics for maximum durability. Available in nickel plated steel, gold plated steel, and black oxide finished steel.

*Or, if you don’t want to make any permanent modifications to your guitar or bass, check out our PolyLock guitar strap!

#9: Pedal Steel Strings

There’s no sound quite like that of a pedal steel, an instrument that requires a very specific set of strings. Each set is comprised of ten total strings, and are available in either Stainless Steel Wound or Nickel Wound in either E9 or C6 tuning configurations.

#10: Guitar Parts

Whether replacing a non-functioning component or simply upgrading to a higher quality, there comes a time for every guitar or bass owner when you need to get ahold of replacement parts. Ernie Ball offers high quality potentiometers, strap buttons, control knobs, pickup switches and more.


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  1. Have you guys thought about making ukulele strings?! If you have made some, can you send me a link?! If you haven’t, and this is a new recommendation….. will you please send me a pack or two?! I just pre-ordered 2 sets of PARADIGM 10-52s. Just ps. I love your strings. I always get the next best thing from you guys.!! Hopefully ukulele strings will be next.!! WOOOOO!!!!

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