Venezuelan progressive rocker Felix Martin has pioneered a new style of guitar playing — creating his Latin-fused ballads with his self-designed 14 and 16-string guitars. As if six strings seemed difficult enough to master, Martin raises the bar as he effortlessly plays two instruments as if they were one.

His new album Caracas is a 12-track compilation consisting of traditional Venezuelan songs and styles fused with his unique blend of progressive metal and Latin music. Caracas pays tribute to the political turmoil reeking havoc throughout the war-torn country. Now based in Los Angeles, Martin is still an active protester against the Venezuelan government and uses progressive music as his form of expression.


In their latest video for the single “Quitapesares,” Martin brings us back to his home town of plains, Ilanos. The video highlights both towns in which he grew up, showcasing the unique faces and spaces of Venezuela. Watch the full video above.

Martin and his band will be hitting the road this May for their US tour. Find a date near you.

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Listen to Caracas

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