Led by singer-songwriter Kristine Leshpher, Mothers is the perfect balance of indie rock with atmospheric style. Leshpher’s musical journey has progressed tremendously, from performing her songs alone in her academic years to bringing forth a full band to accompany her sound. Mothers released their first album in 2016 titled You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired.  The Band’s sophomore release, Render Another Ugly Method, was produced by John Congleton, as Chris Goggan joined the band on bass, which pushed the band to try more complex rhythms and looser song structures. Watch the official video for “Pink” off of their latest release.

Mothers rely on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Regular Bass Slinky.

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Black Lips


The Black Lips are joyously destructive. With their thick Southern accents mixed with punk flavored garage, the band has been banned from some of Georgia’s most infamous venues from their wild shows in their early career. Black Lips have led a subculture of punk-alt kids to a dark side of disturbing blues, showcasing clever songwriting with tongue in cheek attitude. Throughout several member changes and the tragic loss of member Ben Ederbaugh, the band continued on and produced their latest record Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art? with the help of producer Sean Lennon. The latest record features 18 tracks including an overture, interlude, and finale. Watch one of their latest singles “Crystal Night” above.

Black Lips use Ernie Ball Classic Rock n Roll Regular, Power and Hybrid Slinky. Flatwound Group III Bass strings and various new Ernie Ball braided cables.

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As a rock band hailing from the peach state, Microwave uniquely blends pop sentiment with mellow, emo sensibility. Their earlier, more direct songs like “Lighterless” off of the album Much Love, feature heavier, straight forward sounds with lyrics about being broke and lighting cigarettes with the stove. More recently, the band has been pushing to create more relatable lyrics in a more mature way, while adding downtempo’s and keys, as seen on their single “keeping up.” Check out “keeping up” above and catch Microwave on the road near you. 

Microwave count on Ernie Ball Power Slinky and Regular 5 Bass Slinky.

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Wolf Parade


Forming in 2003, Canadian group Wolf Parade had the opportunity to open for Arcade Fire as the band’s first official live show. The band recorded and self-released their debut four-track EP, which gained the attention of Modest Mouse frontman and A&R Rep for Sub Pop Records, Isaac Brock, who helped secure the band with Sub Pop while assisting on their future recording sessions. Wolf Parade later released a full length album amid a flurry of great Canadian bands such as Broken Social Scene and Stars. Frontman Spencer Krug narrowly missed the Top 40 with the band’s sophomore released and now on the band’s fourth record titled “Cry Cry Cry,” the band has brought in producer John Goodmanson to create a new sound. Watch the video for their single “Cry III (King of Piss and Paper/Artificial Life)” above.

Wolf Parade use Ernie Ball Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Paradigm Power Slinky, and Flatwound Group II Bass strings.

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Driving heavy sounds with manic quick changes, letlive. have created a sound of their own with a direct passionate delivery. letlive. signed with Tragic Hero for their third release, Fake History, and later joined Epitaph Records. The band’s foundation rests on the passionate vocals of Jason Butler, who drew inspiration from the political climate in America on the band’s most current release If I’m The Devil…. Watch the official video for the single “Good Mourning America” above off their politically charged album.

letlive. rips the gig with Ernie Ball Burly Slinky and Cobalt Power Slinky Bass strings.

Listen to top tracks by letlive. below and bang your head.


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