Long time Ernie Ball artists Joe Walsh and Don Henley of the Eagles were honored at the 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, which aired earlier this week. In tribute to one of the band’s most iconic songs, fellow Ernie Ball artist Steve Vai joined Juanes and Steuart Smith for a performance of “Hotel California.” Don’t miss the outro, in which Vai and Smith trade licks leading up to the ultimate dual-guitar harmony at the end, and check out Steuart’s double-neck Music Man Silhouette guitar sounding the classic 12-string arpeggios.

Steve Vai even took the opportunity to include host Stephen Colbert during the performance of “Life in the Fast Lane.”

We’re proud to make tools for musicians, be they teenage garage rockers or legendary Kennedy Center Honorees. Check out some of the greatest hits from the Eagles, Steve Vai, Joe Walsh and Don Henley in this Spotify playlist.

Guitar Strings

Joe Walsh, Don Henley and Steve Vai play Ernie Ball guitar strings. Do you? Try a set.

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