together PANGEA:


Los Angeles based garage rock band together Pangea bring an unapologetic raw nature to their loud, riffy sound. Formed in 2008 by singer/guitarist William Keegan, the band began as a trio playing D.I.Y. shows in Southern California around the Cal Arts campus where they developed a loyal fanbase from their loud, manic shows. They released several limited EP’s on cassette via various record labels like the California based Burger Records, until releasing their official full length in 2010 titled Jelly Jam. Together Pangea’s latest record, Bulls and Roosters, released in 2017, showcases a more mature coastal sound. Check out the video for “The Cold” which revels in the sound of 60’s garage with modern flare.

together Pangea play Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Hybrid Slinky Flatwounds

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Crown The Empire:


Post-metalcore anthem makers Crown The Empire have been developing a strong following for years, blending cinematic hooky choruses with progressive breaks. After dropping a fan favorite album in 2016 titled Retrograde during the Vans Warped Tour, the band released two new singles in 2018.  “20/20,” which has a ripping Muse like bassline by Ernie Ball Music Man artist Hayden Tree, and “What I Am,” which you can watch the music video for above. Be prepared for an exciting 2019 from a band and catch them on tour near you.

Crown The Empire play Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Beefy Slinky, and Regular Bass 5 Slinky.

Hayden Tree plays a collection of Ernie Ball Music Man basses including a Classic Stingray 5, Bongo, and a post-production Sabre.


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Li-Sa -X :


Sometimes you post videos online of yourself covering your favorite song, but very rarely does the artist who wrote the song then tune in to watch your video and create a response. This is exactly what happened to young Japanese prodigy, Li-sa-X. At the age of 8, Li-sa-X posted her performance of “Scarified” by the band Racer X, and received a response from fellow Ernie Baller Paul Gilbert, inviting her to a free sign up at his guitar school. Now at age 14, Li-sa-X is carving her own path with her debut of her original music titled, Will. Li-sa-X speaks to her fans about the process of writing original songs as opposed to learning covers, and how it was very challenging but earning the respect of her guitar idols doesn’t hurt. Her dedication to her craft will be the defining factor in reaching legendary status.

Li-sa-X plays Ernie Ball Paradigm Super Slinky and Paradigm Regular 7 String.

Listen to Li-sa-X’s covers and originals on Spotify and prepare to get have your face melted.


Body Count:

**Please be advised this music video does include derogatory language.


Genre bending, multi-talented frontman, Ice-T stands at the mic and utilizes the weight of over 20 years of street knowledge, a background in Hip-Hop/Rap, and acting, to find an out of the box expression with his band Body Count. The band brings the noise with heavy metal riffs and the spirit of punk with confrontational lyrics about police brutality and political awareness. They released the album Bloodlust in 2017, which featured Megadeth’s guitarist Dave Mustaine on the first track, “Civil War,” and ends with an explosive track titled “Black Hoodie,” addressing the problem with police killings in the streets. Watch the video above.

Body Count play Ernie Ball Regular, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, and Power Bass Slinky

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The Movielife:


Pop Punk/ Melodic hardcore outfit from Long Island, New York, The Movielife have seen many years from basement shows to Drive-Thru Records. During a hiatus, lead singer Vinnie Caruana went on to form the band I am the Avalanche, and guitarist Brandon Reily focused on his project, Nightmare of YouIn 2014, the band announced they would be officially getting back together and followed up that announcement with multiple shows, short tours and ultimately their album, Cities In Search Of A Heart. Most recently, The Movielife hit the road with fellow Ernie Ball bands New Found Glory and Ryan Key of Yellowcard, ending their 2018 year.

The Movielife play Ernie Ball Power Slinky and Regular Bass Slinky

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