Dashboard Confessional 


One of the quintessential artists of the 2000s emo movement, Dashboard Confessional has not only created undeniable anthems, but continues to lead the pack wherever they go to this day. Formed by singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba, the honesty and rawness in his strong vocal delivery has resonated with audiences around the world with songs like “Hands Down,” “Vindicated,” and “Screaming Infidelities,” which continue to be anthems of a millennial generation. After a lengthy hiatus, Carrabba reformed Dashboard Confessional with their 2018 release titled Crooked Shadowsshowcasing the incredible talents of both his skills as an acoustic intimate songwriter and frontman of a rock band. Watch the official video to their single off of the new record titled “Heart Beat Here” above.

Dashboard Confessional counts on Ernie Ball Paradigm Medium Acoustic Strings, Paradigm Power Slinky, and Power Bass Slinky.

Listen to their top tracks below and share a song with a friend.

Shannon and The Clams 


Creating both genuine, authentic songwriting and a lively performance is not one for the faint of heart. But bands like Shannon and The Clams make it seem effortless. The project, led by vocalist Shannon Shaw and guitarist Cody Blanchard, is a melting pot of soulful 60s inspired pop. The band’s fifth studio album, Onion, was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Watch the official music video for their single “The Boy” off of Onion above and catch Shannon and The Clams on tour this summer with Greta Van Fleet.

Shannon and The Clams bring their vibe with Ernie Ball Paradigm Hybrid Slinky, Ernesto Palla Black & Gold Ball End Classical Strings, and Flatwound Group II bass strings.

Listen to top tracks by Shannon and The Clams below and rock out at a show near you.

Mt. Joy 


Indie rock outfit Mt. Joy began with two high school friends, Matt Quinn and Sam Cooper, who played music together in their early days until life took them different directions. Luckily, the band regrouped in Los Angeles in 2016 after recording four songs in the studio under the name Mt. Joy, with producer Caleb Nelson. Their single “Astrovan” picked up steam on digital streaming services thereafter. Upon testing the waters and releasing several singles, Mt. Joy finally debuted their self-titled full-length record in 2018. Watch the official music video for their single “Silver Lining” above.

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Listen to the top tracks by Mt. Joy below.


The Palms 


Los Angeles duo The Palms bring DIY mentality to an undeniably infectious sound, blending folk and west coast psychedelia with a hip-hop attitude. These aspects allow room to make music without inhibitions while pulling inspiration from artists like Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard. After charting on the Alt Radio charts, being featured on Spotify’s Viral Way, and garnering over 50 million streams across Spotify and YouTube, it’s clear The Palms are here to make waves. Check out one of the band’s most popular music videos above for their single “Push Off.”

The Palms bring it with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Lights.

Listen to top tracks by The Palms below.

Slow Pulp 


Dreamy and understated, Slow Pulp is a shoegaze rock band originally from Madison, WI but currently resides in Chicago. The group of childhood friends who shared time in a ball pit at the local McDonalds added singer Emily Massey to the mix and began hashing out their sound through several unofficial EPs. Recording their official debut in a Michigan cabin, their music has a woven balance of shimmering adolescence with the mature sensibility of the bigger bands in their genre. Check out the music video for their single “Preoccupied” and listen to their newest EP titled Big Day below.

Slow Pulp vibe the room with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Super Slinky Electric Strings.

Listen to top tracks by Slow Pulp below.


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