Death Valley Girls


Seattle based indie label Suicide Squeeze found a common thread with Los Angeles based rock-n-rollers, Death Valley Girls. Their latest official music video features a cameo by well-known punk legend, Iggy Pop. While enjoying a hamburger in true Warhol fashion, watch as he rocks out to the band’s single, “Disaster (It’s What We’re After).” Death Valley Girl’s bring a sound of hypnotic guitar riffs with a Detroit proto-punk backbeat that will have you bobbing your head. Currently, the band is on tour throughout Europe, check out their dates for a show near you.

Death Valley Girls play Regular Slinky and Regular Slinky Bass

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Pkew Pkew Pkew


Canadian punk band Pkew Pkew Pkew brings attitude to their high energy bar chord rock in a unique anti-anthemic, all hook style. Pkew(x3)’s sound is a fist-pumping, loud riot with all of the comical, sassy, lyrical charm that any cynic or satire punk would love. From making fun of everyday life, skate culture, slamming beers, ordering pizza, and procrastinating in life, their songs will definitely make you smile and want to crowd surf at the same time. Check out their video for “65 Nickels” above off their album + One. 

Pkew Pkew Pkew uses Ernie Ball Power Slinky, Regular Bass Slinky

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Somewhere between Americana and emotional colored indie-rock lives New Jersey band, Pinegrove. Led by singer/songwriter Evans Stephen Hall, and backed by core members and brothers Nick and Zack Levine, the shimmers of jangling guitar leads and meandering slides balance the portrait of Evans’ straight-ahead, self-realized lyrics. After a couple of EP’s released as an anthology and a full album title Cardinal on Boston based label Run For Cover, Pinegrove has most recently released their newest record in late 2018 titled Skylight. Check out a live performance Evans did for NME magazine’s basement sessions above and catch a show near you.

Pinegrove count on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Beefy Slinky, Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings.

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Hailing from Germany, prog metal band Obscura caught the public’s attention after opening for the band Suffocation, and later inked a deal with Relapse Records. After releasing four conceptual albums, their latest album titled Diluvium is garnering attention from metal fans everywhere as one of the most astonishing performances from a band in their genre. Diluvium never misses a beat by mixing speed with rhythmic double-kicks, heavy guitar riffs, and some of the most epic, funk inspired metal bass runs. Check out Obscura’s album title track above and catch a show near you.

“For my playing, I need heaviness and a full tone for higher frequencies. Due to the strong magnetism, the output of Ernie Ball Cobalt strings is magnificent. Their sound and quality fit my needs perfectly.” Bassist Linus Klausenitzer

Linus rips the bass with Ernie Ball Cobalt Hybrid Bass Strings and Power Slinky 5 Bass.

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Hiss Golden Messenger


Often when meandering through roads unknown, or on misty drives between the trees on a long trip, there is a sound you hear that puts life in perspective. Somewhere between an honest reality and self-reflection sits Hiss Golden Messenger. The vehicle driven by singer-songwriter M.C. Taylor bridges folk and roots rock. M.C.’s voice is familiar, like an iconic poet you once heard spinning on your record player or buried in your parents vinyl collection.  Feel as Hiss Golden Messenger shines through with his melodic acoustic guitar playing. Check out the official music video for the single “Mahogany Dread” above and his latest album titled Virgo Fool.

M.C. Taylor plays Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar strings and Paradigm Regular Slinky on electric.

Listen to top tracks by Hiss Golden Messenger below and add a song to your next playlist.

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