Cloud Nothings


Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Cloud Nothings produces a great blend of hardcore energy and sweet melodies to balance their fuzzy, garage sound. After touring with Wavves, Titus Andronicus and fellow Ernie Ballers Best Coast, the band hit the studio with highly acclaimed engineer Steve Albani, to make Attack on Memory, a heavier, raw album in 2012. Cloud Nothings has released a new record this month, titled Last Building Burning, working with producer Randall Dunn, beautifully capturing the bands live energy.

Cloud Nothings get their raw tones using Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Acoustic Aluminum Bronze Med Light, and Bass Regular Slinky.

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Larkin Poe


Atlanta born, Nashville based sisters Rebecca and Meghan Lovell make up the band Larkin Poe. The group has a dynamic sound in their inspired genre of American roots rock and blues, orchestrating arrangements with harmonies and a pop sensibility. Between headlining tours, the band has played several major festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and a guest spot on Keith Urban’s Graffatti U world tour. Larkin Poe has also opened for and been in the backing bands for great Ernie Ball family members, Elvis Costello, and Conor Oberst. Be sure to check out their new record released this year titled Kin.

Larkin Poe rely on Ernie Ball Regular and Power Slinky from the studio to their gigs.

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Modern technology has allowed us to binge watch endless hours of Netflix and YouTube tutorials for everyday life improvements and pure entertainment, causing the birth of our favorite YouTube stars. Within those stars sits the video game, guitar shredding, FamilyJules. Often playing covers of theme songs from his favorite video games, FamilyJules also brings a fun mixture of his favorite worlds – the guitar and gaming. Watch what happens when Ernie Ball calls FamilyJules in the video above and a special guest shows up at his door.

FamilyJules subscribes to Ernie Ball Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom for his shredding.

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Covet is an instrumental trio that formed in the Bay Area, consisting of Yvette Young, David Adamiak, and Forrest Rice. The band has released a record titled effloresce, which takes the math rock, quick tapping and experimental songs to another dimension, playing with harmonies in a way that challenges and entertains the listener. The band has been actively touring to promote the new record; they are currently on the road with Polyphia. Catch a show near you.

Covet rely on Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky, Aluminum Bronze Medium Light Acoustic Strings, and Hybrid Bass Slinky

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J Mascis


The leader and highly influential songwriter, singer and guitarist of cult 90’s band Dinosaur Jr., J Mascis, is more than just signature guitar fuzz and alternative royalty, with an offset. He also is a very talented solo artist, surprising fans with his melodic arrangements at lower volumes. J has now released 3 songs, titled Web So Dense, in October of 2018 on SubPop Records. Watch the lyric video for the title track above and be sure to experience his show live.

J Mascis gets his influential sound using Ernie Ball RPS Regulars, Cobalt Regulars, and Paradigm Regulars.

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Bonus Content:

If you haven’t gotten to watch the Ernie Ball String Theory featuring J Mascis, Watch the video below as we take a behind the scenes look at what inspired J and his guitar playing style.

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