Noah Gundersen


Hours of self-reflection can lead to a personal crossroad between fighting internal demons, like self-doubt, or raising the bar within yourself to push the boundaries, sometimes questioning the world around you and what you are capable of. In this self-analysis, Noah Gundersen finds his voice and crafts his own perspective, blending heartfelt lyrics with dynamic guitar playing. Noah’s latest release, White Noise, showcases the socially conscious lyrics of modern times with the large production that gives the record a global motif.  Check out Noah Gundersen’s video for “The Sound” off the record, White Noise, above.

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Canadian punk rockers, Rarity, unleashed their new album The Longest Lonesome, an album inspired by the harder moments of the last two years for the band. The 11 new tracks hone in on what makes the band who they are — excited to take their passion with them as they travel the world while playing shows and meeting new fans. The band blends hooky, emotional dynamics with their confident sound. Check out the band’s new video for their single “Shawinigan” above.

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Pacific Northwest rocker Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf, is known for his live, energetic shows and raw sound. With appearances at major festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits, the band has created a devout following, which allowed them to secure spots opening for influential bands such as Black Sabbath and the Pixies. Reignwolf recently finished a 34 date tour and released a debut full length album titled Hear Me Out. Check out the official video for one of their singles “Over and Over” and catch a show near you.

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Four brothers from Phoenix, AZ utilizing their last name, KONGOS smashed alt-radio charts with their breakout single, “Come With Me Now,” garnering over 125 million streams on Spotify alone. KONGOS have followed up their debut success with their record Egomaniac, featuring the single “Take It From Me,” and their newest release, 1929 Pt 1. Check out the official music video for the new single “Everything Must Go” off 1929 Pt. 1 above, and catch a high-energy alternative rock show near you.

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Boston Manor


Hailing from Blackpool, UK, Boston Manor’s freshman sound has familiar tendencies in the pop-punk world, complete with palm-muting, uptempo drums, and influences from bands like Brand New. After inking a deal with Pure Noise Records, and cross-country touring on the Vans Warped Tour, the band found themselves searching for more. After the release of the band’s newest record, Welcome To The Neighbourhood, a more mature Boston Manor has emerged. The band is making waves and finding its heavy, anthemic sound complete with cascading guitar leads and fat synth sounds. Watch the official music video for their single “Halo” above.

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Catch guitarist Ash Wilson digging into his Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay in the ‘Halo’ video above.

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