Last fall, Ernie Ball customers who purchased string packs from Guitar Center were given unique codes inside the packaging that would allow them to enter for a chance to win an exclusive VIP experience with Slash.

Our grand prize winner, Eric Lopez, received a trip for two to see Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators live in London, along with an Ernie Ball prize pack. But what we love most is the story behind how he secured the winning pack…

My wife and I had just gotten married and were on our honeymoon in California. Of course I had to stop at a Guitar Center while we were there to drool over guitars. This is where I saw that this contest was going on. We were in a bit of a rush, so I did not buy any strings. On our drive home from the honeymoon, I told my wife about the sweepstakes and asked that she order me a pack of strings online. Being as financially responsible as she is, she told that the strings were cheaper on a different site, since there was free shipping and no tax.

For the next hundred miles or so, I kept nagging her to order a set of strings from Guitar Center so we could go to London and meet Slash. I told her that I was certain we would win. She finally caved and told me that she had ordered them but kept going on about how the extra couple of bucks was a waste of money. I joked with her that she would be sorry when we were in London and she could apologize for being wrong after we met Slash. She told me that now that we were married, I should get used to her being right.

Fast forward a couple months when I found out that we had won, I called her and told her that we were going to London and that I was right! She was in total disbelief, as was I. She told me that I was getting scammed and that there was no way we had the winning pack of strings. It wasn’t until the prizes started showing up in the mail that she finally believed that this was actually happening.

So not only did I get the trip of a lifetime, I won the first disagreement as a married couple, which I remind her of almost daily! I actually still have the winning pack, I’m sure glad I didn’t throw it away after opening it!


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