The Dandy Warhols


Combining psych-rock, shoegaze, power-pop, synth pop and more, The Dandy Warhols have been producing heady reveries and satirical melodies since the late 90s. The group rose to fame with their hit songs “Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth” and “Bohemian Like You.” Later in the 2000s, they dabbled in synth-pop on 2003’s Welcome to the Monkey House and indulged their excesses on 2005’s sprawling Odditorium or Warlords of Mars. The Dandy Warhols have never slowed down, consistently releasing new albums throughout the years. Their tenth record Why You so Crazy presented its eclectic sounds to the world in January, while also commemorating the band’s 25th anniversary. Listen to the track “Motor City Steel” off the record above.

The Dandy Warhols use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom electric strings, Earthwood Medium Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings, Regular Short Scale Bass and Regular Flatwound Slinky Bass strings.

Listen to top tracks by The Dandy Warhols below.

Angel Du$t


Trapped Under Ice singer Justin Tripp and Turnstile drummer Daniel Fang joined forces in 2013 to form the punk supergroup Angel Du$tThe Baltimore-based crew produces everything from up-beat, soft rock melodies to more aggressive riffs. The quartet dropped their debut record in 2014 on Reaper Records, and two years later, released their sophomore album Rock the Fuck on Forever on their own label, Pop Wig Records. The band’s latest album, Pretty Buff, released early this year and features a more classic rock sound as opposed to their usual hardcore elements. Listen to their single “Let Me Know” off of their new record above.

Angel Du$t rock it with Ernie Ball Paradigm Medium-Light acoustic strings, Regular Slinky, and Hybrid Bass Slinky strings.

Listen to top tracks by Angel Du$t below.

Cymbals Eat Guitars


Vocalist and guitarist Joseph D’Agostino and drummer Matthew Miller first started performing cover songs from Weezer’s first two albums in high school. When they entered college, they placed an ad on Craigslist recruiting more members, and by early 2008, Cymbals Eat Guitars was officially formed. The New York City indie rockers officially made their critically-acclaimed debut with their 2009 record, Why There Are Mountains. In 2011, the band signed on with Barsuk Records and recorded their sophomore album, Lenses Alien. Their recent release, Pretty Yearswas the recorded with the help of high profile, indie producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Explosion in the Sky). Check out their full live performance on KEXP Seattle above.

Cymbals Eat Guitars rip the gig with Beefy Slinky.

Listen to top tracks by Cymbals Eat Guitars below.


Trash Talk


Hailing from Sacramento, Calif., hardcore revivalists Trash Talk have been disrupting airwaves with their hardcore punk riffs since 2005. Their debut record, Walking Disease was released on Rumble Records in 2007. A few years later, their friendship with the fellow skaters of Cerebral Ballzy and Odd Future would help secure them a new home at Odd Future Records for their 2011 release, 119The band’s affiliation with the new label helped significantly expand their fan base while also making them the first non-hip-hop act on the OF label. Check out the official video for their single “The Hole” off of 2014’s No Peace above.

Trash Talk break free with Ernie Ball Regular M-Steel and Power Bass Slinky.

Listen to top tracks by Trash Talk below.



Yoodoo Park, best known by his stage name GRMLN, is a Japanese-American indie rock artist. Born in Kyoto, Japan and raised in Southern California, Park quickly formed an affection for the surf and punk-inspired sounds of the Golden Coast. Even though GRMLN originally began as an experimental project, his songs quickly began causing internet buzz. By the age of 19, his first full-length album Empire was released on Carpark Records. GRMLN has toured and supported popular acts in the indie rock scene including Geographer, Yuck, Born Ruffians, and Tijuana Panthers. Consistently gracing the world with new music, GRMLN released five albums in 2018, and already has two under his belt this year. Check out the official video for “War” off of 2017’s record Discovery above.

GRMLN counts on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Power Bass Slinky, and Ernie Ball cables.

Listen to top tracks by GRMLN below.



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