We Outspoken:


Canadian punk band We Outspoken is known for launching into anthemic guitar heavy songs with catchy melodies. Throwing themselves deep into a DIY mindset, the band spent a lot of their early years writing, recording, and learning the music industry. We Outspoken has had the opportunity to play with fellow Ernie Ball bands Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Less than Jake, Four Year Strong, Reel Big Fish, Pennywise, and Face to Face – just to name a few. The band recently announced a new album titled, State Of The Art which will be released on May 17th through Cyber Tracks Records. Watch the Official music video for “Don’t Tell Me Again” above and listen to the newest release “Break Away” here.

We Outspoken uses Skinny Top Heavy Bottom and Super Slinky Bass Strings

Listen to top tracks from We Outspoken below and add a song to your playlist today.

Illiterate Light:


There is something electric about the energy between bandmates Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran of Illiterate Light. Originally the duo ran an organic farm in Shenandoah Valley and toured through the mid-Atlantic (by bicycle) while living in small communities and seeking alternative forms of education. This extensive exploration mirrors the band’s layered complex sounds, singing harmonies, slamming bass synth foot controllers, and extensive pedalboards with complementary tight standing groove kits. Watch Illiterate Light as they create their own unique sonic sound for their single, “Better Than I Used To”.

Illiterate Light count on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

Listen to top tracks by Illiterate Light below and add them to your playlist today.

Samantha Fish:


Contemporary Blues’ newest shining star Samantha Fish brings her own style and attitude. After releasing a series of acclaimed albums that highlight her creative energy, Samantha has only continued to impress magazine outlets and reviewers with her ripping soulful guitar licks accompanied by her sweet singing. Her latest release titled, “Belle of The West” highlights Samantha’s approach accompanying her outside-of-the-box mentality which has gotten her a nod from elites in the Blues world. Check out Samantha Fish’s session on Audiotree Live above.

Samantha Fish rips on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

Listen to top tracks by Samantha Fish below and add her to your playlist below.



Nashville based indie American rock outfit, COIN have found their voice creating a magnetically loyal fanbase. The band first gained mainstream attention in 2015 with their single, “Run.” Their debut self-titled album, produced by Jay Joyce (Eric Church/Cage The Elephant) was released in the summer of the same year. After touring for the release of their first album, the band released the first single from their sophomore album in May 2016, titled “Talk Too Much.”  According to Lawrence, the song is about his “inability to leave things unsaid.” The track has since become their first song to chart on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. Recently COIN released a lyric video for their newest single, “I Want It All”. Check it out above.

COIN plays Ernie Ball Power Slinky Classic Rock N Roll

Listen to top tracks by COIN below and share a song with a friend today.

The Frights:


Hailing from San Diego, the fearsome-foursome known as The Frights are a must-see band – full of high energy and tongue. Releasing their first record, You Are Going To Hate This and working with producer, Zac Carper of Fidlar, the band toured relentlessly gaining momentum that inked them a deal with Epitaph Records. The band’s latest release Hypochondriac has been received well by their audience, with highly relatable lyrics and catchy choruses, The Frights began to play bigger festivals such as Riot Fest and this year the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Watch the bands’ official music video for their single “Over It” above.

The Frights count on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Power Slinky, and Super Slinky Bass String.

Listen to top tracks from The Frights below and catch them at Coachella, along with other Ernie Ball bands this year!



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