Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, heavy-hitting punk metal band Turnstile released the longest project of their eight-year career, titled Time and Space earlier this year. The 13 track album features Turnstile’s metal-core grooves and elements of hardcore, rap, R&B and more, continuing to showcase the band’s sonic versatility and refusal to be defined by a genre. Currently, Turnstile is in the midst of a North American circuit of shows, finishing up in early December. Get your tickets now before they sell out to experience the raw energy of Turnstile, live.

Turnstile play Ernie Ball Power Slinky and Power Slinky Bass.

Take Turnstile tunes with you by adding their best tracks to your playlist below.

Weep Wave


Weep Wave has its sights set on becoming the next big thing to come out of the Pacific Northwest. Forming in 2016 out of Seattle, Washington, Weep Wave has tirelessly worked the Northwest circuit of venues, bars, and house parties, establishing a growing following throughout the past two years. The group has become known for its high energy live performances. Weep Wave’s sound centers around upbeat rock rhythms infused with a blend of experimental sounds and elements, that continues to appeal to millennials. The group’s affinity for doing things on their own, such as creating merch and videos, has garnered them an increasing amount of notoriety and respect.

Weep Wave counts on Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky, Regular and Regular Bass Slinky.

Check out Weep Wave’s best tracks below, on Spotify and pre-order the new record here.

Milk Teeth


Milk teeth is not your average British punk band. Originating in Stroud and Gloucestershire, Milk Teeth’s sound contains unique elements compared to many prototypical punk bands, incorporating grunge, indie rock and more, without compromising the troubled teenagehood narrative. The band’s strong female vocals, provided by guitarist Becky Blomfield, give Milk Teeth a sound that can create beautiful contrast, often hard to find in punk, with sincere and melodic vocals, layered with grunge guitar riffs. With a strong 2016 debut with full-length album Vile Child, the band is due for their sophomore release.

Milk Teeth play Ernie Ball Regular and Regular Slinky Bass.

Discover your new favorite track by checking out Milk Teeth’s top songs.

Russian Circles


If you’re looking for a taste of instrumental rock/metal, look no further than Chicago based trio Russian Circles. Last month, the band concluded a lengthy North American tour, with one show left in their hometown, later this month. Since forming in 2004, the group has released seven albums, with their most recent release being Live at Dunk! Fest, which dropped in 2017. Russian Circles is atypical for their lack of vocals, however, the band bridges all sonic gaps through intricate composition, that captures varying tones and moods as well as any rock/metal group around.

Russian Circles play Ernie Ball Baritone 6 string set and Custom Individual Slinky Bass strings .125 – .50

Find out what has made Russian Circles prominent for nearly 15 years, by checking out their top tracks on Spotify.

The Pretty Reckless


Formed around former T.V. actress turned hard-rocker, Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless have come on strong to the rock scene since their debut album in 2010. With hard-hitting anthems such as Heaven Knows and Momsen’s modern-day Joan Jett persona, The Pretty Reckless are one of the premier hard rock bands, as they work on their follow up to 2016’s Who You Selling For. Momsen’s voice allows the group to crossover genre barriers from their prevailing hard rock tone, to soft-spoken acoustic tunes, found on tracks such as You. The band’s strong U.K. following has given them invaluable exposure on the international festival tour circuit and will surely grow with upcoming releases.

The Pretty Reckless play RPS .10 Slinky 

Dive into The Pretty Reckless’ discography below.

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