As guitar players, we take inspiration from a variety of different places, including film. That’s why we’re so excited the new song that Ernie Ball artists Four Year Strong have released this morning in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. The track should strike quite a few listeners right in the old nostalgia bone: originally composed by John Williams for the 1990 film Home Alone, “Somewhere In My Memory” could be heard several times throughout the course of the classic movie.

“We wanted to do a song that hasn’t been covered a million times, and Home Alone is one of the best movies ever made, so ‘Somewhere In My Memory’ seemed like the perfect song. We hope our rendition gives everyone as much holiday cheer as we had while recording it.” — Alan Day

Check out the track below:

Four Year Strong recently announced the first leg of tour dates for their upcoming 10th Anniversary Tour for their album Rise Or Die Trying. In the meantime, check out some of the band’s most popular tracks in this Spotify playlist.

Four Year Strong Plays Ernie Ball

Four Year Strong plays Ernie Ball strings. Do you? Try a set:

Photo by Pat Moore

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