Guitar players and musicians in general frequently tend to have a somewhat unique sense of art and creativity. Ernie Ball artists Bring Me The Horizon have taken this phenomenon to an entirely new place with their beautifully bizarre new video for “Oh No,” which premiered this morning. The song, which is the closing track on the band’s 2015 record That’s The Spirit, is considered by the band to be an “anti-dance” song while still sounding like a dance song on the surface.

“The end sax trumpet outro is another idea that came from me. I wanted this final part of the album to feel like when the lights come on at a club or a bar and you get that slightly shitty feeling. It’s like all good things must come to an end.” — Vocalist Oli Sykes

The video itself is an exercise in the cinematically surreal, featuring such subject matter as a Yakuza hostage situation, breakdancing B-Boy executives, and some sort of trumpet-playing mutant creature.

Watch the video for “Oh No” below.

The band is currently on a tour of Europe, Asia and Australia. Check out the rest of That’s The Spirit in this Spotify playlist.

Guitar Strings

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