It’s official: this morning we debuted our new Paradigm electric and acoustic strings – the strongest guitar strings known to man. Paradigm strings feature superior break-resistance and unparalleled durability while delivering iconic Slinky tone. In fact, we’re so confident that Paradigm strings won’t break or rust, that we’ll replace them absolutely free if they do.

We asked some particularly hard-playing guitarists to try playing a set and attempt to break them. Both John Petrucci and Kenny Wayne Shepherd stepped up to the challenge, and both failed to break them.

Coming in Spring 2017, Paradigm will be available in our top Slinky gauges, as well as in both acoustic Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze alloys.

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  1. Signed up for beta test of these new strings but have never heard anything

    1. Hey Robert! The response was so great that we’re still processing all the entries, but beta sets will begin shipping out soon!

      1. Will beta members be notified via email? And how soon considering it’s been two weeks?

        1. There will not be an email notification, but if you are selected beta sets will begin shipping soon!

  2. yea I signed up too been a eb super slinky player since 85 I’m stoked about these

  3. Any chance flatwound electrics of these will be made?

    1. No official plans for that as of now, but stay tuned.

  4. I just signed up for the beta. If i get selected is there still beta sets of strings being shipped and if so to the UK?

        1. There will not be any specific notification if you are selected.

          1. will there be a blog post informing everybody that the beta sets have finally shipped, because ive been getting my heart broken everyday since mid jan everytime i open my mailbox hoping i have a grandpa joe esque “yippeeeee” moment waiting for me.

            Not only that but i want to use the prototypes for my album because you cant tell me you guys just created better strings than m steel and that i might score a pair early, and expect me not to slam the brakes down on the ol’ bandwagon.

          2. Keep your eyes on our social accounts, we’ll be announcing once the beta sets have shipped.

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