The Weekend Classic, winners of the 2016 Ernie Ball PLAY Warped competition, have just premiered their first single “More Alive” via Alternative Press. The accompanying EP “More Alive” will be available on June 2nd.

The Indiana natives have exploded out of their midwest small-town roots to emerge on the national stage with a new single that showcases their catchy powerful riffs and signature harmonized vocals. Not content to rest on their laurels after winning 2016’s Ernie Ball PLAY Warped The Weekend Classic got down to business and began recording their 3 song EP collaborating with producer Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, the EP has also been engineered by Yellowcard front man Ryan Key at his Lone Tree Recording Studios in Franklin, TN.

For more info on the making of their EP check out the Alternative Press article on The Weekend Classic.

Ernie Ball PLAY Warped

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