William Ryan Key has had an eventful 2018, to say the least. His debut solo project titled Thirteen was released earlier this year, reaching the top 20 on the Billboard charts and number one on the Itunes singer/songwriter chart. With a successful solo EP under his belt, Key released his second solo EP on November 30th, titled Virtue. The six song compilation builds off Thirteen in a all the right ways. At the epicenter of Virtue is Key’s intimate lyricism, that rings with sincerity, paired with acoustic rhythms that fluctuate with emotion for the duration of the 23 minute EP. There is a connectedness that Key is able to create with his listeners, a relationship that was been evident since his early success as a founding member of Yellowcard.

Key will be taking his tour international over the course of December and early 2019, check out where he’ll be performing.

Key’s Gear

Key plays Ernie Ball Regular Paradigm electric strings and Earthwood 80/20 Medium acoustic strings.

Listen to Virtue 

**Featured Image Courtesy: Stitched Sound

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