Our good friend and YouTuber Karl Golden is on a mission to help bring people and the ukulele together. To start his series he’s chosen one of the biggest and most popular bands of all time — legendary Ernie Ball artists, AC/DC. Karl keeps things easy to start before working up to full rockstar status. Check out his video and lessons on six iconic songs below.


We had the opportunity to speak with Karl and find out if he had any other words of wisdom to share.

EB: Why did you want to create a series for Rock and Roll Ukulele covers?

KG: I love the ukulele. And I love rock and metal. There’s not much accurately transcribed from guitar to ukulele rock guitar licks out there, so I wanted to show that you can do it. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced guitar player ukulele is easy to pick up and it’s fun to play. Especially using the ball-ended Ernie Ball ukulele strings as it means you don’t have to do that tie-end wrap thing. As an Ernie Ball artist and ukulele player, I wanted to get involved and share the news. Get more people playing ukulele – that’s what gets me excited.

EB: Why AC/DC?

KG: Because they’re songs everyone knows that are instantly recognizable. So when you’re learning and even though you’re playing on a uke, you can hear when you’re nailing it. I also wanted to pick someone I’m in the Ernie Ball family with and someone with an iconic appeal that would get more people playing the ukulele.

EB: You include plenty of tips for players in your video, is there anything else you’d add?

KG: Don’t worry about learning theory or actual notes, use the TAB in the video. Keep it fun and don’t get frustrated. Ukes are great as you can pick it up and put down easy – no amps to turn on, not too loud. But if you are going to properly practice, try to dedicate focused time to it. Work with me in the video and in no time you’ll be up to rockstar status.

EB: What can we expect next?

KG: I’ve asked my followers what they’d like to see. And it’s looking like another famous Ernie Ball artist… but you’ve got to watch my channel to find out who.

Head on over to Karl’s YouTube page for more video. Karl highlights Ernie Ball Ukulele strings, Ukulele strap, Pickholder strap, Everlast picks and Flextune in his video.

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