We’re jumping straight into this week’s Follow Friday with a big welcome to the Ernie Ball family for California based indie-rockers, HUNNY! Their sun-soaked sound takes inspiration from ’80s new wave and ’90s pop, blending them into a splendid modern package. Their latest album came out just this year, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. to critical acclaim.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. is an endless back-and-forth between heavy-hearted lyrics and bright-and-shiny melodies, lovesick confession, and addictively dancey rhythms. With the album centered on a narrative Yarger sums up as ‘I love you and I want to die,’ HUNNY wrote most of the songs on acoustic guitar, deliberately channeling a raw vulnerability into every line.

HUNNY Official Bio

HUNNY is made to perform, and so was their latest album. They specifically crafted the tunes on Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. with their audience in mind. The energy at a HUNNY concert is irresistible. If you want to find out for yourself, head over to the official HUNNY website to learn more about the band and find tour dates near you.

HUNNY gets wild with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and Power Slinkys.

Check out HUNNY‘s latest album, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Mercury Rev


Since 1989, Mercury Rev has been etching their name into the avant-pop scene. Throughout their career, they have dipped their toes into shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, and indie rock, but either way, their cohesive and explosive sound washes over listeners like a big, colorful wave. With collaborators like Laetitia Sandier of Stereolab, Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, Rachel Goswell of Slowdive, and Phoebe Bridgers, Mercury Rev‘s 2019 release and tribute to American singer-songwriter Bobby Gentry, The Delta Sweetie Revisited is a true whos-who of their powerful female contemporaries.

We recorded all the music a few years ago and that went really amazingly fast because we just really got into it and tackling these songs. The Delta Sweete was a record that we used to listen to a lot in the van when we’re on tour… We thought we were just going to put this record out ourselves, so we did the songs and they came out pretty and we were really happy. [Johnathan] really was adamant that he wanted to keep it in a female perspective and have female singers do it and keep it in the tradition of Bobbie and of what she set out to do with the record.

Grasshopper, MusicOMH

To explore the nine other Mercury Rev releases and learn more about the band, make sure to head over to their official website. While you’re there, track down some tour dates near you and catch them live.

Mercury Rev creates landscapes with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys on guitar and bass.

Lend your ears to the Bobby Gentry tribute by Mercury Rev & company below.



For some of the most glittering, upbeat tunes in modern reggae, look no further than Hirie. With all of the feel-good sounds and positive vibrations that are staples in the genre, Hirie is taking on the style with a unique twist. Her lyricism is raw and addresses some universal struggles.

Growing up, Trish’s father saw her for the natural-born performer she is, and encouraged her to embrace music as the ultimate therapy. ‘He knew that would be my outlet, pushing me towards the pen and paper, and the mic,’ she says.

Hirie Official Bio

This year, Hirie has released her third full-length album, Dreamers. On the album, she gives an insight into the “bold, joyful, and even messy impulses” that compose her idiosyncrasies.  To see Hirie live, be sure to check her official website for tour dates near you.

Hirie jams out with Regular Slinky RPS, Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium Lights, Ernie Ball Ukelele Strings, and Super Slinky 5 String bass strings.

Listen to the top tracks from Hirie below.



Grieves is anything but traditional. With rapper Benjamin Laub as the energetic frontman and some ripping guitarists holding down the tracks, Grieves is the latest in hip-hop mixed with rock and roll.

When asked if he always knew he’d end up being a rapper, Benjamin Laub — better known as Grieves — can only laugh. ‘Oh no, not really,’ he says, ‘I was in bands and stuff, but I grew up listening mainly to Punk stuff. It wasn’t until I got a little older that Hip-Hop really started to happen for me.'”

Greives, Rhymesayers

Grieves has been on the scene since 2007, dropping steady hits for more than a decade. However, 2019 was a huge year for him. With a full release, The Collections of Mr. Nice Guy dropping, and then following up with Talk Talk earlier this month, Grieves has been on fire this year. If you want to keep up with the heat, check out Grieves‘ official website.

Grieves holds it down with Power Slinky Cobalts and Power Slinky 5 String bass strings.

Get the best of Grieves below.


Sweet Ascent


Sweet Ascent is back. Defining themselves as “rock & roll,” they deliver punchy vocals and deep guitar riffs with each of their tracks. Their last full release was in 2018, but this year, they have released two singles: “Anyone But Me” and “Liar.” The latter of the two released just last week.

The group has undergone many changes both in membership and style to become the ensemble they are today. Sweet Ascent has always been a band that isn’t focused on the past, rather one that encompasses the present and is always chasing the future. Following the release of their debut LP ‘Take It Or Leave It’, it’s clear that the group has embraced their future sound and is not letting up.

Sweet Ascent Official Bio

With their two latest tracks, we are hoping they are a harbinger of more to come. To keep up with the latest from Sweet Ascent and be the first to know when new music is coming, check out their official site.

Sweet Ascent run the gamut with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys, Hybrid Slinkys, Ultra Slinkys, Mega Slinkys, and Everlast Light Phosphor Bronze strings.

Listen to Sweet Ascent’s top tracks below.

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