Ernie Ball artist Butch Walker finally treated the world with his official cover of the Rocky theme song “Eye Of The Tiger.” Walker recorded the cover several years ago while at his studio in Nashville, but never officially released the song to the public until now.

The Georgia rocker spoke about how the cover allowed him to take a stroll down memory lane. Walker spent most of his early career playing covers in night clubs six days a week before penning choruses for artists like Frank Turner and Taylor Swift. In a detailed description posted to his YouTube channel, Walker touched on how the song was a driving force in his music career:

I loved Rocky when I was a little boy. It was such a powerful movie that made this underdog feel like I could make it no matter what adversity was thrown in my face. I still remember when I left my little town for LA to grab that tiger’s tail… older guys in bands were telling my 17-year-old ass ‘You’ll never make it… there’s too much competition.’ Naaahhhh. I’m gonna make it.

Truck company RAM liked the cover so much they even featured it in their newest commerical.

“Eye Of The Tiger” is Walker’s most recent release since his 2017 seasonal album Over the Holidays and Under the Influence. He will be playing several upcoming shows in Australia before heading back to the US for the High Water Festival in April.

Listen to “Eye Of The Tiger”

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Butch Walker plays Ernie Ball Power Slinky electric guitar strings.

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