NAMM 2018 is all about the Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll for Ernie Ball and we’re here to make a statement. From amazing performances to Ernie Ball longtime artist appearances, Thursday at NAMM was already one for the books. Make sure to follow along on our social media platforms for live footage of the event all weekend long.

Day 1 started out with Ernie Ball artist and Youtube extraordinaire, Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce who filmed a full tour of the Ernie Ball and Ernie Ball Music Man booth. Showing off all of the new strings, the Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll packaging, and the awesome new pedals, cables, and accessories for 2018. Check out the video of the booth tour on Riffs and Beards.

Bass legend, Tony Levin came by the booth and performed with the new Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Bass and met with his fans during the first signing of the day. Tony plays with Super Slinky Bass strings.

Ernie Ball artist Jason Richardson had a Q&A interview with Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce. Fluff asked Jason questions about what inspires him and some also some music tips for his fans. Jason plays with custom Cobalt Slinky set.

Steve Morse filled the booth during his performance on the Ernie Ball stage jamming out to his classic songs. Steve plays with Super Slinky strings.

From there, Steve Morse brought up Sterling Ball, Albert Lee, John Ferraro, Dave Marotta, from the Mutual Admiration Society for a celebratory jam session. You can download the Mutual Admiration Society album (which shot up to #1 on iTunes and Amazon Music after the first day it was released) wherever you get your music.

The legendary Albert Lee, stayed after the performance to meet with his fans. Albert Lee plays with Regular Slinky strings.

Nick Hexum and Tim Mahoney from the band 311 came by the Ernie Ball booth to meet with their fans for a signing. Nick plays Paradigm Regular Slinky strings and Nick plays Paradigm Power Slinky strings.

Ernie Ball artist, Antoine Dufour rounded out the performances on Thursday with an amazing show of his skills on the acoustic guitar. Antoine plays with Aluminum Bronze Acoustic strings.

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  1. Always great to see the amazing Mr. Lee. I saw him in concert twice this month, and can’t wait for another opportunity. Hope to add one of his signature guitars to my own collection this Spring.

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