The new Ernie Ball guitar straps are here! Whether you’re looking to shake up your style, invest in ergonomic design, or just treat yourself to something new, we have the strap for you. All of our straps are made from the highest quality materials that will keep you rocking night after night.

New Ernie Ball Guitar Straps for 2019

New Classic Jacquard Guitar Straps

We’ve added 10 new designs to our range of Classic Jacquard straps. Whatever your personal taste, we have the strap to match.

Our range of 22 decorative Classic Jacquard straps features high-quality leather ends and the same durable yet comfortable material from our number one selling Polypro guitar strap, with an adjustable length from 41″ to 72″.

Guitar Straps Designed For Comfort Without Compromising Style

We’ve expanded our range of straps designed to give guitarists extra comfort and confidence. We want you to get hours of pain-free enjoyment from playing your instrument, while also looking good doing it.

Introducing the new Polyspun straps which have a soft cotton feel and a little stretch in them – helping weight distribution and pressure on your shoulder.

We’ve expanded our range of PolyLock straps to include 2″ and 3″ padded neoprene. These straps offer a higher level of comfort and security than most straps.

For those players who want a classic black strap but with extreme comfort, check out our Stretch Fabric strap. The elastic material acts as a shock absorber, reducing any tugs on your shoulder – while also distributing weight more efficiently.

Whether it’s because of injury, a heavy instrument, or for peace of mind, one of our comfort guitar straps makes the perfect accessory.

Pickholder Guitar Strap 

Do you use different picks for rhythm and lead playing? Don’t want to attach anything to your guitar to hold your spare picks? Do your adoring fans steal picks from your microphone stand holder?

The new Ernie Ball Pickholder strap provides a fast and stylish solution to your pick predicament. Designed with a leather ‘house’ at the front end of the strap for 3 additional picks, it’s a practical solution to save hassle, time and interruption to your playing.

While you’re thinking about picks, check out our new for 2019 Everlast and Prodigy ranges.

Ernie Ball Pickholder Guitar Strap
Ernie Ball Pickholder Guitar Strap

See Our Full Range Of Guitar Straps

Partnering your guitar with the right strap is an important decision. But it can often be the underrated essential accessory for a guitarist.

What do you want the style to say about you? Is it high quality and will it secure your instrument? Does comfort help your playing?

Whether you play electric, acoustic or bass guitar, our range of guitar straps give you the best choice and options available.

You can also check out our Guitar Straps Buying Guide for full information on our range of straps.

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