Ah, the capo. A seemingly small, yet overlooked accessory that can have a huge effect on your sound. While some call it cheating, using a capo can help pinpoint key vocal ranges or brighten the tone of your guitar.

Although most common on acoustic rigs, the capo can (and should) be utilized on an electric guitar, as well. By taking advantage of different keys, you can increase the pitch of your guitar — almost mimicking the sound of a mandolin.

Our friend Dylan Mattheisen of Tiny Moving Parts perfectly executes how to utilize a capo on an electric guitar in his playthrough of their single “Medicine” with Guitar World. Check out the full video below.


Tiny Moving Parts is set to release their new record, breathe, September 13. You can also catch them on the road starting now through October. Pre-order the record and check out their tour dates here.


Tiny Moving Parts plays Beefy Slinky guitar strings and Power Slinky bass strings. Dylan Mattheisen relies on the Axis Capo in Gold for his stripped-down version of “Medicine.”


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