The California psych rock group of many names — currently known as simply “Oh Sees” — have taken their fuzzy tunes to the KEXP studio. John Dwyer, the main brain behind the project, is accompanied by Tim Hellman on bass, Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone on drums (yes, that’s right, two drummers), and Tomas Dolas on keys.

The performance features an intro track from Orc, “C,” the hit off of Smote Reverser, and three cuts off of their latest release, Face Stabber. In total, the 31-and-a-half minute performance is an exploration into the jammy, psychedelic rabbit hole that is a live Oh Sees performance.

The performance also features an interview with the band conducted by KEXP host Troy Nelson, so you can get a little bit more familiar with the faces behind the shredding of Oh Sees. If you want to check them out for yourself, head over to their official website for tour dates near you.


Oh Sees use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinkys on guitar and Super Slinky Bass strings on the low end.

Listen to Face Stabber

Featured Image Courtesy KEXP.

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