Silversun Pickups

In this week’s Follow Friday, we’re starting off by honoring one of alternative rocks favorite stars: Silversun Pickups. Their gritty, raw sound at the genesis of their fame garnered unforgettable hits like “Lazy Eye” and “Panic Switch.” Moving into the new decade, however, the band has refined their sound with their experience.

Once enough [songs] start circling my brain, that’s when we contact each other and we get ready to start. I start showing them to the band and then hopefully at that point that part of your brain, that muscle is getting stronger, and it gets easier and more stuff comes. That’s kind of how stuff happens and when we have enough of it, which we try our best to plan ahead, meaning we have to think about who we want to work with, and all the details. That’s how magic happens my friend.

Brian Aubert, mxdwn

The latest Silversun Pickups release, Widows Weeds, sees Aubert and the rest of the crew exploring a newfound maturity in their sound. They are no longer a group of kids from Silver Lake; the whole band now has years of world touring experience under their belt. Check it out and more at their official website.

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“We are young, we get by; can’t go mad, ain’t got time!” Grown in Oxford, England, the Brit-pop group Supergrass inject their music with innocent joy. If you can’t already tell from the lyrics in their smash-hit, “Alright,” listening to Supergrass is like riding your bike with the wind in your hair: pure joy.

We’ve been talking about it for a while. I remember talking to Danny about on the phone maybe a year ago. We knew that 2020 was coming up and that would make it 25 years since the beginning and 10 years since the split. Everything aligned in a way to make it possible. The idea of getting in a room and having a play together again was something we all instinctively agreed would be a cool thing to do… We didn’t want to look far into the distance. We just wanted to play and see what happens. It felt great.

Gaz Coombes on the Supergrass 2020 Reunion, NME

So, it looks like 2020 is going to be a big year for Supergrass. With a reunion tour underway and the release of a new single — “Bury Your Heart” — fans of their gleeful sound should be delighted. Will 2020 bear more new music from Supergrass? We’re biting our nails in anticipation.

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Revisit SupergrassI Should Coco — 25 years later — down below.


At just 19, the latest indie-pop darling Beabadoobee is on the rise. Coming from London, England, Beabadoobee‘s sound ranges from the tenderness of twee on tracks like “If You Want To” to the invocation of ’90s lo-fi on “I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus” (if the song title wasn’t enough to give it away).

My influencers are Sonic Youth, Pavement — this sh*t that totally shaped me. They shaped the way I dress, how I speak, act and just everything I am. With this EP, I was just craving a little bit more. Like, I wanna sing like Stephen Malkmus for f*ck’s sake! I literally want to be Kim Gordon! I’m paying homeage to good f*cking ‘90s grunge.

Beatrice Kristi, NME

Beabadoobee‘s ascent to stardom is far from its peak, though; just last week, fellow Ernie Ballers The 1975 announced that they’ll be sharing the stage with her in 2020. If you want to catch her live, now’s your chance — check out her official website for more information!

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Rome Hero Foxes

The jangly rockers, Rome Hero Foxes, are full of fondness. Their latest release, 18 Summers, draws upon the offsetting nostalgia that sets in the day after graduating high school. Rome Hero Foxes’ sound contains the shining brightness of indie-pop with an underlying, brooding emo-rock side.

‘During this time of writing all of this material, it made me envision all these songs as this sort of time capsule-like void or world where time is slow but life keeps moving faster,’ vocalist and rhythm guitarist CJ Burton explains… This album is as concerned with love as it is with its absence in the face of growing older and growing apart.

Rome Hero Foxes Official Bio

Rome Hero Foxes are captivating hearts on the Internet, steadily gaining a fanbase of dedicated fans. If you want to know what the hype is about, check them out live and hunt down some tour dates on their official website.

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Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music is an essential post-punk group from Gainesville, Florida. With their first album, Finding The Rhythms, releasing in 1995, the new decade marks their 25 year anniversary. Though it has been on-and-off for Hot Water Music, their reunion since 2008 has persisted with their original fervor.

I think we’re living in a really volatile and terrifying time where people are turning a blind eye to the hatred that’s happening in this world and thinking of themselves rather than the big picture. I think that sentiment is present in these new songs the way it has always kind of been there in our music.

Chuck Ragan, Consequence Of Sound

Of course, a milestone like this has not gone without a release. Recently, the band released Shake Up The Shadows, a five-track EP that packs 14 minutes of their proclaimed “hot water music” way of life. Check it out for yourself below, or live in person if you track down tour dates on their official website!

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Listen to Hot Water Music‘s latest EP, Shake Up The Shadows, down below.

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