Knocked Loose is pure noise. Coming hot out of Oldham County, Kentucky, this metalcore group has been on the jump since 2013. Though they are relatively fresh to the game, don’t get it twisted: Knocked Loose is a heavy force to be reckoned with in the realm of hardcore.

The group is comprised of Cole Crutchfield, Bryan Garris, Isaac Hale, Kevin Otten, and Kevin Kaine. Their sound is blisteringly fast and unapologetically abrasive. Knocked Loose is the kind of band that drudges up that angst that has been hiding in your chest and demands catharsis.

I support people punching their friends in the face. If they’re both cool with it, I’m so down. People know this because we ask for it, but I one hundred percent support a violent, crazy mosh pit. I think it’s awesome. As long as there’s a safe place for someone who doesn’t want to be involved to go, I fully endorse going absolutely bat-sh*t crazy.

Isaac Hale, Revolver

For most people, that catharsis is released in these exact “violent, crazy mosh pit[s]” that Hale alludes to above. After all, if you want to understand just what all the buzz is about, take a listen to “Mistakes Like Fractures” from the band’s latest album, A Different Shade Of Blue. The squealing guitars and vicious drums nearly trigger your fight or flight response. The choice, though, is clear: fight.

Stick around until two minutes and forty seconds. Let the breakdown overwhelm you. “Intense” can only begin to describe it. As the entire room turns “a different shade of blue,” Garris explodes into the mic with blood-curdling lyrics: “God fell silent when I cried out.”

But, there is more complexity to Knocked Loose than just another heavy metalcore band. Hale and the rest of the gang are certain to create an inclusive environment that welcomes all into their sound.

We have more to bring than crazy mosh pits. We want to put on a show and we want people to have fun. We want to provide them with something they’re gonna remember. If they wanna clap or jump off the stage or mosh, it’s important to us that people find their own way to be a part of it. But don’t feel like you have to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable, because we’re not here to be an exclusive thing. We’re here to be an inclusive thing.

Isaac Hale, Revolver

Knocked Loose‘s latest release, A Different Shade Of Blue, is a milestone in their young-but-blossoming career. It represents a few things for them; not only has it proven to be their most successful, but it was also a step outside of the band’s comfort zone.

On this record, we tried a lot of new things that we would have been too scared to try in the past… Sometimes things come out that I didn’t know I wanted to talk about.

Brian Garris, Upset Magazine

Take a listen to A Different Shade Of Blue. You won’t regret it. If you can’t get enough of the rising hardcore stars, Knocked Loose, check out their official website for more information and concert tickets.


Knocked Loose brings the heat with their Ernie Ball 7-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Cobalts and Power Slinky 5-String Bass for the low end.

Featured image credit: Markus Felix

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