Of Mice & Men, the metalcore ensemble coming out of Orange County, CA, have released their latest album, EARTHANDSKY. The band has come a long way since their formation in 2009 — having gone from Lady Gaga covers to monumental releases in the realm of metal.

The band has been working on the new record since 2018, and the hype that has built up around it has finally paid off with the album’s arrival. That exact feeling of buildup and release are paralleled perfectly within 30 seconds of the album; the beginning of the first track, “Gravedancer,” comes out with an absolutely massive wall of sound. Without a doubt, Of Mice & Men starting with this track means that EARTHANDSKY is not messing around.


The album is not only a strong addition to the Of Mice & Men discography, but also represents a milestone for the band’s sound. While this is the second album with new frontman Aaron Pauley, they have also taken a turn for a more “heavy metal” sound. The band is charting new sounds and innovative songwriting throughout EARTHANDSKY, and this has been picked up on by reviewers in the community.

Their latest offering delves deeper into the grips of heavy metal, seeing the Orange County band delve into excitingly new uncharted territory for their sound that’s full of surprises, guitar solos, breakdowns, and insane vocal offerings from Pauley. This new album is set to define the band’s future, separating them from their 2010 scene/metalcore past and pushing them in a matured direction that just happens to be a lot heavier.

Distorted Sound Magazine on EARTHANDSKY

The record is now available on all platforms. You can take a deep dive into the heavy sounds of Of Mice & Men below. If you want to rock out and head bang with Of Mice & Men live in concert, check out their official website for tour dates.


Of Mice & Men achieve their hardcore sound with  Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Paradigm, 8-String Slinkys, Super Slinky 5 String bass and Regular Slinky 5 String bass strings.


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