Maroon 5 set aside their typical, upbeat pop sounds to pay homage to frontman Adam Levine’s longtime manager and best friend — who the singer said recently passed away. The new single, “Memories,” still carries that familiar Maroon 5 sound, with a much somber tone.

This guy came to me with this incredible song and it was about loss and suffering, which all of us share that in common. I had just come through losing my manager and my best friend. I was in diapers with this guy and he passed away recently, and so this song came to me at a very interesting time. I filled in the holes with the proper words that I thought would match the experience that I had been going through.

Adam Levine, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

While the new track highlights the pain brought by loss, the Los Angeles natives are also using it as an opportunity to celebrate life and the memories it brings. Thanks to a nostalgic photo collage on Instagram, fans can relives the group’s last 25 years with photos spanning from their recent Red Blue Pills tour all the way to band practice in the early 90s. Get some tissues out and watch the new video for “Memories” above.


Maroon 5 relies on Power Slinky and Regular Slinkys on electric, while they reach for the Earthwood Phosphor Bronze strings on acoustic. Guitarist James Valentine rocks his signature Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine guitar.


Watch Pursuit of Tone with James Valentine


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