No actors necessary in Weezer‘s new video for, “The End Of The Game.” In the extra-terrestrial themed video, Los Angeles based indie-rock outfit Cherry Glazerr is featured as the house party’s resident band.

The otherworldly video transports you back to your high school days of cheap beer and rowdy house parties — displaying a sense of adolescent freedom until guitarist Brian Bell (in proper alien hunting attire) interrupts the gig. Check out the full video below.


The video release comes in lieu of Weezer’s forthcoming record, Van Weezer. The new album was announced only several months after the release of two EPs earlier this year: January’s Teal Album and March’s Black Album. However, unlike their recent material, Weezer seems to be pivoting back to their roots with the new record — promising 80s instrumental metal and plenty of hard rock riffs.

It’s like The Blue Album but with more riffs… Metal, hard rock riffs. But it’s still pretty catchy pop rock.

Rivers Cuomo, Beats 1

Van Weezer is slated to release May 2020. If you’re looking to hear the new sounds live, be sure to snag tickets to next summer’s Hella Mega stadium tour with Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and supporting act The Interrupters. Find tickets here.

Cherry Glazerr has been steadily touring over the past few months and it expected to support Jenny Lewis on select dates this fall. Find tickets here.


Cherry Glazerr guitarist and vocalist Clementine Creevy relies on Ernie Ball Power Slinky. Weezer plays Regular Slinky Guitar and Hybrid Bass strings.


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