Taking Back Sunday


When a band becomes an innovator and quintessential part of a movement of music, where do they go after? Taking Back Sunday has not only made landmark music videos and smash hit’s for a generation of sidebang rocking youth, but have also pushed themselves into the future by constantly taking creative chances and entering new grounds sonically with albums like Tidal Waves. Celebrating 20 years of a prosperous career, Taking Back Sunday released Twentya collection of their most popular tracks from the last 20 years. Currently, the band is celebrating their milestone with a world tour and retrospective set list. Be sure to catch them on tour and revel in the nostalgia of a band that launched two decades ago under their influence.

Taking Back Sunday use Ernie Ball’s new Burly Slinky and Hybrid Bass Slinky.

Listen to top tracks by Taking Back Sunday below.

Ocean Alley


Australia’s Ocean Alley is guaranteed to get your head bobbing, playing their melodic, pumping psychedelic surf-rock around the country that sits in the mix of it all. After their infectious tune “Confidence” hit the Hot 100 charts, the band has been putting in work on the road playing across 10 countries, 60 cities, and selling 25,000 tickets across 15 shows in Australia. Ocean Alley is currently touring in the US and recently played Bottle Rocket festival. Be sure to catch them in a town near you, or check them out at the upcoming California Roots Festival. Check out the video for “Confidence” above and listen to their latest single “Infinity” below.

Ocean Alley digs in with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Super Slinky, and Power Bass Slinky.

Listen to top tracks by Ocean Alley below.

Hot Flash Heat Wave


After their single “Gutter Girl” exploded across Reddit, Hot Flash Heat Wave ran with the popularity. You can hear distinctive California sounds in their catchy coastal guitar hooks, blending a versatile sound of dream pop, psychedelia and post-punk. The band recently released their EP titled Mood Ring and is set to hit the road this summer promoting the new record. Be sure to catch them at a show near you and watch the official music video for “Gutter Girl” above.

Hot Flash Heat Wave use Ernie Ball Regular and Power Slinky electric strings and Short Scale Regular Slinky bass strings.

Listen to top tracks by Hot Flash Heat Wave below and share a track with a friend.

Ultra Q


Formerly Mt. Eddy, Oakland rockers Ultra Q have changed their name, obtained a new sound, but kept their infectious vibe. Wanting to showcase their new direction, the band looks to shave off their earlier image established in high school and switch up their influences. The first single “Redwood” was released to a great reaction, leaving audiences excited for what’s to come.

The song itself stems from this place of nostalgia and being at the age where we are looking back at the things you enjoy as a child as we become adults.

Jakob Danger, Alt Press.

Ultra Q rips the gig with Regular Slinky, RPS 10’s, and 6 String Bass Guitar Slinky set.

Guitarist Enzo Malaspina has been rocking a Music Man St. Vincent as well.

Listen to redwood below and be sure to catch Ultra Q on tour with fellow Ernie Ball band Bad Suns this summer.



Hailing from Illinois and signed to Rise Records, Ashland is a pop-rock band delivering big dynamics and garnering attention from magazines and reviewers like Alternative Press as a band to keep an eye on. Ashland will be hitting the road on a few dates of Sad Summer Fest this July promoting their latest EP titled misc. Watch the official visual EP for the release above.

Ashland relies on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Extra Light Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings.

Listen to top tracks by Ashland below.


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